Everything you must know about Metarun

August 3, 2022

In today’s world, crypto gaming has been gaining popularity among many individuals. While people used to play the usual Defi games, they now spend time playing ‘Play to earn’ games. As per the observation of Massasoit, the unique daily wallets interacting with various game-related smart contracts have increased to 1.3 million. This number has increased more significantly than what was found in 2020. With this in mind, it is evident that people are exploring the realm of Blockchain Game Finance. So, in this article, we will check more about Metarun, the first P2E endless mobile runner game with NFT assets.

What is Metarun?

When you come across Metarun, it’s a runner game with many features and modes. The game incorporates NFTs and the marketplace, enabling players to own the assets. Moreover, you can earn currencies whenever the cardinal gets upgraded. On the other hand, as soon as you start playing the game for a while, you will observe many interactive items. The game development team has designed every level to offer a unique experience. In addition, when you clear the levels one after the other, you have to overcome many obstacles.

There are many reasons why you will enjoy playing Metarun. As the runner game is developed on Unreal Engine 5, it blends crypto technology with the gaming experience. You will never regret playing the game because of its high-quality graphics and 45 unique characters. While you focus on getting through every level, you can later upgrade the characters with NFT skins. The Metarun community on Discord can also help you gain more perks.

What makes the runner game exciting when you start playing?

  • You first have to choose certain characters when you commence playing the game. These characters are different from one another due to their strengths, fighting styles, and weaknesses. With this considered, you can choose some free characters and start playing the game. Besides, you can think about buying the 1st NFT character and begin playing the game. As time passes, the game allows you to upgrade character and ability levels. You can easily upgrade with the help of soft and hard currencies.
  • As soon as you choose a particular character, it has two abilities which are passive and active. If you want to activate the primary ability, you do it with a single tap on the screen. But, the fundamental ability will entirely depend on the character’s skin and the different elements that support the ability. Furthermore, you can use and earn the in-game currencies while playing in the PvP and PvE modes. However, when you switch to multiplayer mode, you can grab many opportunities. In those instances, you must devote some time to winning the match. You can also change the in-game currency with a $MRUN token using price oracles during the game.
  • While proceeding ahead with every level, the difficulty level increases slowly. Apart from engaging the player, the levels help the player to improve his skills. In the end, the player will get engrossed playing the game because it later becomes competitive. In that case, you should remember to check the character level growth. When the growth is high, there are greater chances of winning in the PvP mode. You will also be happy to acquire in-game NFT items when the character level growth is on the higher side.


  • After winning a certain race, you will earn trophies which are nothing but ‘Trophy Road Cups’ and ‘Glory Points.’ Once you collect plenty of these trophies, you can level up the ‘league.’ It should also be noted that once you are able to enhance your skills, there’s always a possibility to raise the league. On the contrary, if you lose a certain race, then you will lose the glory points. This fact can later lead to a risk of demotion in the levels.

What game modes can you expect while playing Metarun?

When you start playing the runner game, you can either think about the Endless-Run (PvE) or the Battle-Run (PvP) mode. So, let’s go through these modes in detail.

Endless-Run (PvE) mode 

You will be in an endless race when you start playing in the PvE mode. During the game, you will have to traverse many obstacles and fight with numerous enemies. You will also get a chance to gain soft currency soon after completing missions and killing dangerous creatures. Additionally, you will be able to earn currencies once you complete the daily tasks. Hence, to grow stronger, you will have to run as much as possible and gather lots of GOLD and SAPPHIRE.

In the end, you can earn trophies and many rewards only when you finish the daily tasks. But, if you get killed, you must spend some currency to make the character alive. When you continue racing ahead, you can restore all the character resources. 

Battle-Run (PvP) mode

If you consider the PvP mode, you will play an exciting game. But, before you plan to test your abilities, you must initially refine your skills in the single-player mode. Ultimately, you will be moving ahead with many players in such a mode. You will also be fighting with the opponents and earning more than you observe in the PvE mode. As far as the earnable currency is concerned, it includes SAPPHIRE, GOLD, OPAL, and DIAMOND.

Throughout the game, you must be skillful and aim to reach the finishing line first. Once you win, you can earn many glory points. Apart from such points, you can gather GOLD along the track and receive SAPPHIRE soon after killing the opponents. But, when you get through the PvP mode, you will be happy to receive DIAMOND.

To summarize, Metarun is a game that comes with many features and modes. Before you move on with the game, you can choose many characters and later earn many currencies. But, as the game progresses, you will not find it easy to play. Hence, if you want to succeed, you must play the single-player mode and hone your skills. You later have to learn how to overcome obstacles as the character moves along the track. This fact can help you win in the PvP mode, which is one of the modes in addition to the PvE mode.


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