How to fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed

August 16, 2020

Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed is an error associated with a website’s server. When it occurs, it simply depicts malfunctioning of the server of a website. Yes, it’s an Http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) response message Error. Before getting to know how to fix Error 503, we will understand the same in much detail.

Today we are going to deal with 503 backend fetch failed Error. What is it and how to fix the same? So without any further delay, let us get started.

About 503 Backend Fetch Failed Issue

This error code is the reference to the website’s status which conveys that the server isn’t responding well. It may occur irrespective of your operating system and hence it is important for all to know about it. First of all, let’s get to know the reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

Why does this occur?

This server-specific error is caused when there are too many requests that a server cannot handle at a time. Therefore, no enough memory is left in the cache memory of the browser. Here goes the list of some common reasons behind the stated error.

  1. Slow Internet Speed.
  2. When the site server is under maintenance.
  3. The suspicious website is being blocked.

How to fix “Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed”?

If you want to fix the Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed, go through the following fixes.

Fix 1: Refresh the web page

The first thing to fix the stated error is to refresh the web page two to three times until the error is gone. You can also press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the page. Make sure you don’t refresh the page while doing the online payment as it may cause financial loss due to this technical glitch.

Fix 2: Reboot the Router

Reboot the Router

Another fix you can consider is to reboot your router. As mentioned earlier, a slow Internet speed may cause this error. Rebooting the router will kick start your Internet connection. It might rectify the error.

Fix 3: Contact the website owner

If the above two methods didn’t fix the error, then you can drop an email to the website contact details to let them know about this error. It is possible that the error is website specific or their server is under maintenance.

Fix 4: Reset the Web Browser

The last thing to do to rectify the stated error is to reset your web browser. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Go to the browser’s menu.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Tap Advanced Settings and navigate Reset Browser Settings.
  • Tap Reset and your browser will be reset. Now check if the error is gone.

Tap Reset

Wrap Up

That’s all about the Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed. We discussed this error in detail, along with its possible causes and ways to fix the same. We hope these methods help you out and allow you to get rid of this annoying error.


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