Eliminating HR Struggle With Paperless HR and Payroll Process

August 6, 2021

If your HR department is consistently struggling with both their daily HR duties and the never-ending payroll routine, it’s definitely time for a change. Manual processing may be sufficient for the smallest of businesses, but once your company expands beyond even a few employees in size, any potential benefits go right out the window. Fortunately, you can use software solutions like an HRIS or dedicated payroll software to help improve the overall situation and get your business running like a well-oiled machine. Keep reading: we’re about to go over the reasons why a paperless workplace is a superior workplace!

Reducing Office Space Clutter

The most immediate and obvious benefit of a paperless workplace is the lack of paperwork and clutter around the office. Since files are being managed digitally, rather than on paper, you’ll be able to get rid of most file cabinets, folders, and paperwork lying around that’s turning the office into an eyesore. With less in their way, your employees are less likely to get distracted and more likely to perform their jobs more efficiently than ever. How so? Since files are stored digitally they can now be retrieved instantly using the “search” function, rather than requiring workers to sort through multiple folders for one particular piece of paper!

Taking a Digital Approach to Onboarding

A paperless approach is especially beneficial when it comes to onboarding. The onboarding process is notorious for having loads of papers, files, and forms for new hires to fill out. Fortunately, this time-consuming task can largely be consolidated by using digital onboarding forms instead of physical ones. Generally speaking, typing is faster than handwriting; also, the “copy” & “paste” features help speed up the process immensely. Unlike traditional onboarding, where papers must be collected and filed, the digital onboarding process instantly integrates information into the main database, meaning new hire data is accessible right away!

Automating Your Payroll

While hiring a team of dedicated specialists will certainly ensure your payroll gets processed, it doesn’t ensure that it will be done so on time. If you’re understaffed, your payroll calculations are likely to fall behind. If you’re overstaffed then calculations may be completed ahead of time, but you’ll be overpaying, losing money throughout the process. Unfortunately, the perfect balance is nearly impossible to find. A much more reliable alternative is to use a payroll management system! Automating your payroll using payroll software ensures that your payroll will be on time, error-free, and completed for a fraction of the cost!

Utilizing Your HRIS

A paperless & pain-free workplace wouldn’t be complete without dedicated HR software! Rather than manually managing PTO, workflows, and employee benefits by hand, you can simplify the entire process using a digital approach. Using a system like UZIO, PTO requests can be sent to managers through the system (without requiring a personal interaction for the request) and workflows can be shared with multiple employees in just a few clicks. The software allows your entire staff to remain connected at all times, despite their distance apart from each other.

Empowering Your Employees

Traditionally, employees needed to head down to the HR department if they wanted to modify or amend their current benefits. However, thanks to the self-service options offered by many different HR management platforms, this is no longer their only option! Instead, employees can view, manage, and modify benefits on their own time right from the employee self-service portal. If your company uses cloud-based services (rather than local systems), workers will even be able to access their benefits outside of the office, meaning they can take the time to inform themselves on the benefits available & make educated decisions.

Does Paper-free Mean Painless?

Not necessarily! Paper-free practices certainly reduce the amount of unnecessary work that needs to be done in the office, but if you’re still using standalone systems, you haven’t maximized your business’s full potential. For truly painless operation you’ll want to utilize complete all-in-one solutions that combine HR, payroll, and benefits administration onto a single platform. Using this setup, your office will practically run itself!

About the author: Mohd Sohel Ather is the head of the Content marketing department. He is an amazing tech blogger who explores the most unique and creative tech ideas. He has a keen focus in creating content marketing strategies that will help your business grow.


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