Economic Shopping: Get a Price Drop Alert and Buy

April 15, 2023

Shopping online is now easier than ever, thanks to the fast expansion of eCommerce platforms over the last decade. Following this, many comparative shopping services and tools have sprung up. However, many consumers want to avoid going through the trouble of joining various sites and sharing their financial details with them to save a few dollars. This is where free price monitoring software comes in.

Let’s discuss how a price drop alert can help shoppers save money and buy at the best price.

What is an Amazon shopping assistant?

An Amazon shopping assistant is a software tool you can install in your browser. Once you’ve installed the assistant, it works automatically whenever you open an Amazon product page. The Sugar price tracking assistant uses community power to provide a more intelligent shopping experience by displaying price history and trends in real-time, tracking price changes, and automatically applying coupons, saving you time and money.

Prices fluctuate daily, sometimes multiple times per day. Sugar notifies you when a price reduction happens, enabling you to determine the best time to purchase the products on your wish list.

Dynamic pricing – How this affects your shopping experience

A dynamic pricing strategy is a flexible pricing system in which the prices of specific items or services are altered daily or several times each day in response to competitor price movements and market trends. A dynamic pricing approach employs changeable prices rather than set prices to boost business margins and sales.

Price monitoring in conjunction with dynamic pricing will become increasingly widespread as the digital revolution progresses. With constantly shifting prices, consumers can save a lot of money. You can discover a pricing point that meets your needs and maximizes your spending power by monitoring prices.

It is already common to receive reminders when flight prices change. This will likely be the future pattern for all such products and services. Maybe your house voice assistant will alert you one day that the price of a product has changed. As a result, the consumer will be more informed about fluctuating prices.

How a shopping assistant makes your spending more economic

There are many benefits to using a shopping assistant for Amazon. Apart from setting up price drop alerts, the additional features of this software include price history graphs that allow users to get ahead of the game by researching any product’s pricing graph and history before purchasing to avoid suspicious discounts.

Below are a few ways to make spending more economical with a shopping assistant.

Wait to get the best price.

If you want a product but don’t want to break the bank or wait for a significant deal, you can use price tracking tools to receive a price alert. You can use a service like Sugar to set up alerts for the products you want, guaranteeing that you are notified anytime the price of a product falls to the price you have specified as your target.

Compare prices from different sellers.

Use Sugar to guarantee you’re getting the best value possible. With a shopping assistant, you can easily monitor Amazon prices for your favorite products and see how they’ve changed. Thanks to scraping software, the lowest price of any product on Amazon can be obtained in only a few minutes, making it easier for you to find the seller offering the lowest price.

Play the long game

It might go without saying, but using a shopping assistant to find the lowest price decreases the likelihood of impulse spending. With online shopping being readily accessible at all times, it can be difficult not to go on a spending spree when we are bored. You will get the product you want for the best price and have time to consider whether you want this item. You could save money by not buying at all.

How to set up a price drop alert

Price drop alerts notify the user when a significant price decrease occurs for any item on their watch list – and this is easy to set up.

We know that prices alter with the seasons and even the time of day, particularly on eCommerce sites like Amazon. With Sugar’s price drop notification, when you add an item to your watch list, Sugar begins tracking its price for significant changes. When the product cost in your watchlist falls below the specified threshold, Sugar will send you a notification in your browser. This allows you to get the lowest price available.

Getting started with Sugar only takes a few simple steps. First, install the Sugar extension on your browser, then go to the product page of any Amazon product. Add the product to your watchlist and define a price drop sensitivity that suits your budget. And that’s all you need to do – once the price drops, a notification will be sent directly to your browser.


Using a shopping assistant to monitor prices is a great way to save money and buy your favorite products for the best price. Set up price drop alerts with Sugar today, making your online shopping more economical.


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