How to Download Safari for Windows 10 -The Ultimate Guide

April 21

Safari, the popular web browser developed and marketed by Apple Inc, comes with lot many features and amazing options that contribute towards the quality of user experience. Thus, many users want to Download Safari for windows.

The Ultimate Fact about Safari is the web browser that takes proper care of your privacy while browsing the internet on it as the browser has a specialized built-in feature called DuckDuckGo, it is the search engine featured with specifications that avoid tracking.

Safari for Windows 10 Guide

Therefore, it is the secure and safe web browser that offer ultimate protection against malware, potentially dangerous web pages, malicious code and restrictions for a certain website. Safari is no longer restricted to be used with Apple devices; as you can download Safari for Windows and can enjoy the features of the browser by downloading Safari for Windows 10 Online.

Why Download Safari for Windows 10?

  • Safari is Free and Safe Download – The Safari browser is free to download and it guarantees safe browsing experience to the users
  • It Works Smoothly on Windows 10 – The latest version of Safari browser is designed to work smoothly with the Windows 10 operating system and provide the users with the same advantages as Apple devices.
  • Privacy and Safety – Safari is the safe browser as it comes with a built-in feature to protect the browsing safety and security of the users
  • Faster Browsing Experience – Safari is the fastest browser compared to Chrome and Firefox and it gives the Windows 10 users with the ultimate fastest browsing experience.

How to Install and Download Safari for Windows 10

safari download for windows

To download the Safari browser on Windows 10, you are required to follow the below steps and ensure to download the latest version of Safari browser from Apple Inc website.

Step One – Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows 10 PC and go to the official website of Apple. On the official website of the browser, you will find the other productive add-ons from where you can download the Safari extension from the gallery.

Download safari

Step Two – The second step is to download the latest version of the Safari Windows. Click the large green button of “Download” to start the downloading process. It may take few minutes and hence you need to wait till the downloading the .exe file of Safari browser is completed successfully.

Safari Download

Step Three – After downloading the .exe files of Safari Browser for Windows 10 using the compressed file, you need to store it on your PC. Now go to the location where you have stored the .exe file so that you can extract the content from the zipped installation file into the target folder. You can go to the location directly by typing “C:\Safari” on the search bar as shown below in the screenshot.

How to Download safari

Step Four – After extracting the compressed file, you need to double-click on the Safari.exe file so as to launch the Safari Browser on Windows 10. A Shortcut icon of the browser will be created after the installation of the browser is over. So, click on the icon to launch the browser and enjoy faster browsing on your Windows 10 PC using Safari browser.

 I hope this article how to download safari for windows 10 is helpful to you! Thanks for reading this article.. In case of having queries feel free to comment below.


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