How To Download Imgur Album on Windows

August 21

Imgur is a photo-sharing platform used for sharing viral photos. Imgur was founded in 2009 by Alan Schaaf. This platform mostly those pictures are shared which are posted on Reddit. It is an American platform just like Pinterest. In 2013, the platform overtook every other image-sharing platform. It provides many features to its users. It is positioned ninth among the photo-sharing website in the world. This means most users generally like the website. Though being one of the most popular sites; Imgur is not the perfect site for browsing images. Imgur does have some limitations. Nowadays people love to share funny images which are also known as memes. Facebook on Instagram and not the only source to get or share these memes.

You can also create your profile on Imgur and share pictures. It lets you crop pictures or resize them. The platform also provides the feature of editing images to an online editor provided by Imgur. It has a browser version and an application version.  the Imgur app support Android and iOS operating systems.  There are some limitations in the platform. Let’s discuss them all.


File formats- Imgur does not support all the file formats. It only supports jpeg, PNG,  GIF, APNG, TIFF, MP4, MP3, Avi, WebM, QuickTime, x-Matroska (MKV), x-Flv (FLV), x-msvideo, and x-WMV (WMV). They can be enough file formats to support, but for an image hosting platform; the number should be increased.

File size-  the platform does not support large file sizes. What images it only supports file size up to 20 MB. If a PNG image is larger than 5mb then it is automatically converted to JPG file. If a JPG file is larger than 5mb then the file size is also reduced without reducing the quality of the image. Same goes with the gifs; a user can only upload a gif file up to 200 MB, which is 60 Seconds.

File upload- a user can only upload 50 images per hour. This limit is set by an IP address. If IP addresses are cheese than the music and upload 50 images through the same as found in the same hour. Many users see it as a problem because Imgur is an image sharing application and it should not have any limitations on how many files can be uploaded in one single hour. But on the contrary, it has a feature of unlimited storage and unlimited uploads without any cost.


The Imgur platform is very popular and why is that? Because of its amazing features. The platform is free of cost to use. Anyone can use it and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases. You can also use it without creating an account. But if you want to enjoy all the features of this platform then you need to create an account and log into it. Creating an account doesn’t require any purchase; you can create it for free and enjoy the features of the application.

Links- Imgur has always allowed you to upload images with links to redirect to another website. This can be a promotion to other websites. All you need to do is upload an image with the link to your website. Many bloggers use it as a promotion chick. They upload and attractive image and a link to their blog which is related to the image. This increases the traffic on the other website too. 

Reaction- the intern application also allows the user to react to the images they see. Or like it as per them. You can also add the image in your favourites album. Also, you can comment on the image of shared on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Tags-  the indeed application gift tags to images such as, most viral, newest, best, and random. These images help the user to identify and see the most popular images and post. This helps the user to stay updated with the latest trends. This feature allows the user to understand what topic is trending in the present.

 Album- this platform allows its user to create their personalized albums and then download them if they want. The users can also view the album in full screen for a better experience. It feels like watching and reliving the same memories again and again. You can download full album in a zip file format.

How to download Imgur album?

Imgur album cannot be downloaded within the application. The only ways download the entire album is through third-party applications, from a browser extension, or online downloader. 

Method 1-  Online Downloader

Step 1- first of all, copy the album URL from the application.

Step 2-  Click here ( to redirect to the developer website to download the album.

Step 3- Paste the album URL in the load an album text box.

Paste the album URL

Step 4-  After you face the URL it will bring all the images present in the album.

Step 5-  you can select all the images by clicking on the select all button.

Step 6-  or you can select the images which you want to selectively download.

Step 7- You will see the download button when all the selected images are ready.

Step 8-  Click on the download button to download the images in a zip file format.

Step 9-  extract the zip file to access the images.

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Method 2- Application

Step 1-  Click here ( to download the zip file of the application.

Step 2- After the zip file is downloaded extract zip file.

Step 3-  Double click on the image downloader.exe file to start the installer of the said application.

Step 4- with the help of the application you can also download post from Reddit or local albums.

Step 5- After the installation of that application. Open the application.

Step 6- then the application opens, go to the Imgur tab.

Step 7- Paste the album URL and click on the select button placed beside the target folder label.

Step 8-Now select the folder in which you want to download the Imgur album.

Step 9- After selecting the Target location, click on the download button.

Step 10-  The bar next to the download button will show the progress of downloading.

Step 11- After the downloading process is done, you can go to the Target location and check if all the images are downloaded.

Method 3- Browser Extension

Step 1- Click here ( to redirect to the extension download page.

Step 2- Download the extension from the website. Do remember that this extension is only for Mozilla Firefox.

Step 3- install the extension and turn it on. Also, give access to the extension.

Step 4-  When you open the Imgur website you will see a download button.

Step 5- download any image from that extension.


How do I download an album from Imgur?

You can download an Imgur album with the help of a third-party application. The Imgur application doesn’t have any button to download the album. But it allows you to download it to other applications or websites. You can also add an extension to your browser to easily download the images or a full album.

How do I view an album on Imgur?

With all the above-mentioned methods you can view the images inside the album. But you can view the album from the website itself. all you need to do is:-

Step 1- Click on your username.

Step 2- Select Images.

Step 3- Click on All Images.

Step 4- From there you can select albums, and you can view the images of the specific album.

Step 5-From there you can select a specific album and all the images will be there on the screen.

How do I download GIF from Imgur?

You can download GIF from Imgur by copying pasting the link to it in all methods said above. You can download the extension and download every image and GIF are you can use an online website to download gif from Imgur. For that, all you need to do is copy and paste the link to it on the website. After that, you can press the download button to download the gif.

Does Imgur have videos?

Yes, Imgur has videos. But it only consists videos of 60 seconds. As in the only allows video files less than 200 MB. You can also convert the videos into GIF. So there are videos and GIF. You can choose as per your liking.


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