Don’t Know How to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone? We’ve Got You Covered

October 2, 2022

Have you ever needed to spy on Facebook Messenger but found it impossible? You’re not alone. Over 3.21 billion people use messaging apps, and the thought of spying for specific reasons has crossed all our minds. Through the methods discussed further, we’ll give you a hint to quench your interest.

Why You’d Need to Spy on Facebook Messenger

Worried about your children behaving safely on the internet? Unsure if a partner is faithful to you? Sure, you can explain online safety to your child or speak your doubts to your partner, but when it comes to making sure either are following through, it may be time to spy on Facebook Messenger without them knowing.

Even without personal reasons, there are advantages and disadvantages to Facebook Messenger. Despite allowing instant texting, these features may lead to cyberbullying, online harassment, or even the trading of company secrets. Due to this, sometimes checking someone else’s Facebook Messenger chat may be for the best.

Here Are 4 Easy Ways to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Need to check someone else’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing? Even without access to the target’s phone, the following methods will let you view messages and videos and even listen to audio files on someone’s Facebook Messenger when necessary.

Spy on Facebook Messenger Using iCloud Easily

This step simply requires the iCloud data of the phone on which you want to check Facebook Messenger chat. If interested in how to spy on Facebook messenger on iPhone, log into your own phone’s iCloud with the credentials you’ve acquired. Some devices may ask you to merge; in this case, you should allow it. Once they’ve merged, you now have access to select and view whatever you wish to monitor without jailbreaking.

This includes messages, emails, and, most importantly, saved passwords. Using this feature, you can spy on the Facebook Messenger chat of the target for free by simply logging in with the saved password you have now gained access to.

Point to note: In the case of iCloud backup not being activated on the target’s iPhone, you may need to access it manually. Turn on the iCloud backup by clicking on:

  1. Settings.
  2. Name of iPhone Owner.
  3. iCloud.
  4. iCloud Backup.

Resetting Password to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

To spy on Facebook Messenger chat using this method, you will be required to log into the target’s Facebook account. A remote password reset is possible. However, you may need to access the target’s phone if a security check or email is required.

After logging in, log off the account and reset the password, following the instructions given. You may do this on your own phone or even by using a PC.

Though this does give you access to someone’s Facebook Messenger, it is slightly risky and time-constraining as the next time the target attempts to log in, they may notice the reset password and change it as they desire. Make sure to get your spying done quickly!

Clone the Phone to Spy on Facebook Messenger for Free

For more tech-savvy individuals, you may clone the target’s phone if confused about how to spy on Facebook messenger, especially if one wishes to do this without jailbreaking. By installing tools onto your phone to clone another, this method can be done easily if you can access the target’s SIM card.

Furthermore, if you manage to connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network, all that’s left to do is send all required data from the target’s phone to your own and acquire not only their Facebook Messenger chats but also other information you might find useful.

Modern phones have become much more advanced and, thus, more resistant to cloning. So to successfully bypass this security and access what you require, acquiring their SIM card and having a rough idea of how to navigate tech can take you a long way.

You Can Always Use the uMobix Spy App.

Using a Facebook Messenger spy app is often the easiest and most convenient method to check one’s Facebook messages without one realizing it. However, though it’s easy and reliable, it may not be possible without a phone.

uMobix is one of the few high-quality apps with amazing customer service and fantastic reviews regarding its use. The app is incredibly user-friendly, quickly installed, and so easy to use, especially for those who struggle with the technology.

It allows you to access your target’s user activity and track it. It also provides real-time updates that you can follow to find out who they’re messaging and what they’re saying.

A few good options besides uMobix could be:

  • SpyBubble
  • Spyic
  • Hoverwatch

To Conclude

With over 988 million Facebook Messenger users, the network collects tons of communications all around the world. No wonder one may need to skim through someone’s chats to fetch the required data. This may seemingly be a daunting task that might have a higher risk than a return. But remember, you’re missing out on 100% of the Facebook Messenger secret conversations you’re not spying on! We’ve provided you with all the steps to easily spy on Facebook Messenger. So grab your phone and get to spying on one mischievous child or suspicious spouse at a time.


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