Dolby Atmos APK Download: Install without Rooting

June 5, 2020

The Dolby Atmos app is one of the most popular Music Player app amongst the Android users. While it comes as a default app in some of the Android phones, some of you will have to download it. The Dolby Atmos app is not available on the Google Play Store, and so you will have to download Dolby Atmos apk file on your device. Music has an inseparable bond with most of us. While working, jogging, cooking we all like to hear about our favorite music. The Dolby Atmos apk for Android will help you enjoy your music anytime, anywhere. So check out this complete guide on the Dolby Atmos Apk download for Android with/ or without root.

There have been many queries popping up about the Dolby Atmos app, like how to install Dolby Atmos apk without root, or Dolby Atmos apk without recovery and Dolby apk free download. We have tried to cover every such question for you. So let us begin.

What is Dolby Atmos?

The Dolby Atmos is an equalizer app that helps to enhance the sound quality of your Android device. It is the ultimate solution that boosts the sound of your device’s speakers to its maximum potential. It also makes use of the real base of the headphones and speakers of your device. The features of its software process increase the clarity of sound of the hardware.

The Dolby Atmos is available for both Windows and Android Operating System, but as it might not be the default software in your device you will have to download the Apk file. With this app, not only the sound clarity but the resolution and quality is also enhanced. The Lenovo, HTC and Sony devices have the pre-installed Dolby Atmos apk file in it.

Advantages/Features of Dolby Atmos Apk Latest Version

  • The Dolby Atmos for Android is a successful and useful music enhancer which ensures supreme sound technology for its surrounding.
  • It adds perfection to its work by giving attention to even small nuances and the surround sound.
  • The software is available for all Android device users for free. And even you can download Dolby Atmos apk for PC.
  • It allows you to enjoy high-quality music and you can even equalize it according to your needs.
  • The sound created by Dolby is mobile, i.e., you can feel the movement of things and people around after setting in the earphones.


  • The Dolby Atmos apk latest version doesn’t support Android devices running below the 4.3 version.
  • In case you download and install the app on a device below 4.3, then it may brick your device.
  • Uninstallation of the software is not easy. You will require another zip file to do it.

Requirements for Dolby Atmos on Android

Before you start the process of Dolby Atmos apk for Android without root, here are a few basic requirements that you must fulfill.

  • The Dolby Installer Zip file.
  • Custom Recovery Mode
  • Dolby Atmos Apk file
  • Android device running on a version higher than 4.3
  • And a little time and patience…

If you are done with all these things, then you are good to go. Start with the process of downloading and installation of this amazing music player.

How to Download and Install Dolby Atmos APK? [Rooted Method]

Here is a step by step guide to install Dolby Atmos apk file on Android devices running on Jelly Bean, KitKat, Gingerbread, Lollipop, Oreo, Nougat, and Marshmallow.

Step 1: Firstly, download the Dolby Atmos Installer Zip file on your device. You can download it from the link given.

Step 2: Save this zip file either on your SD card or on your phone memory. Switch off your device for some time.

Step 3: Then reboot your phone in the Recovery Mode. Just press the Power button+ Volume Up+ Home button simultaneously.

Step 4: Now choose the Install option. Locate the Dolby file that you downloaded. Click on it and swipe right to install the file.

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds for the process to complete. Now again reboot your device to complete the installation process.

That’s it. The process to of downloading and installing Dolby Atmos on Android device completes here. Now you can use it to check the quality of the sound.

How to Install Dolby Atmos APK Without Root

If you are among those who have not rooted their Android device, then this process will help you install Dolby Atmos apk file.

Step 1: Open the Settings of your device. Then navigate to the Privacy or Security Settings.

Step 2: Turn the Unknown Sources option on. This will enable you to download and install the third-party applications.

Step 3: Now download the Dolby Atmos apk file. Or click on the given link.

Step 4: Click on the downloaded app to open it. And then click on the Install option.

Step 5: Then click on the Next button. The installation process will start.

Step 6: The installation process will take a few seconds. After it gets completed, do not open it. Yes, you heard that right, remember not to open it.

Step 7: Restart your Android device first. Then open the audio player and turn the default equalizer off.

With the end of this step, you can enjoy the Dolby Atmos audio of great quality on your Android phone.

How to Uninstall Dolby Atmos from Android Device?

If you no longer need this application and want to free some space on your phone, then you can remove it. Just like any other application, you can easily uninstall Dolby Atmos from your phone.

Step 1: Download the Dolby Atmos file.

Step 2: Now boot your device in the Recovery Mode, just like you did previously.

Step 3: Now click on the Install option. And then click on the folder where you saved the file.

Step 4: Select it and swipe to flash it. After flashing, reboot your device to complete the uninstallation process successfully.

The process of uninstalling Dolby Atmos apk is similar to installation and is equally easy and simple.

Guys, we have tried to cover everything related to Dolby Atmos software that will help you enhance your music experience. We hope this guide on how to download Dolby Atmos apk file and its installation was helpful to you. If you have any doubts or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section.


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