Does your company need a corporate app?

June 23, 2022

Mobile business applications can serve different purposes. Some increase sales, others optimize tasks or increase the company’s reputation. In this article, we will consider why your business needs to order enterprise software development services, especially corporate applications.

What are enterprise applications?

Enterprise applications are applications for employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments to the work of many organizations. More and more employees are switching to remote work. Creating a business app is more than ever a great solution for large and small organizations. By implementing an enterprise application, you will indirectly increase the profit of the organization. It will help to structure a large amount of data, automate business processes and increase the efficiency of employees.

What gives a corporate application:

  • reducing errors in work, minimizing costs;
  • operational communication between departments of the company;
  • obtaining and disseminating information in real-time;
  • preservation of corporate information and personal data of employees;
  • empowerment of remote employees;
  • increasing employee loyalty.

According to researchers, 37% of companies that use enterprise business applications attribute their adoption to improved business processes and agility in decision making. 34% of respondents noted an increase in labor productivity.

The types of enterprise applications

A corporate messenger is a program in which employees can exchange work information. Now companies are trying to move away from using WhatsApp or Telegram, as, among personal chats, workers can get lost. Moreover, the use of public messengers puts corporate information at risk of leakage.

A CRM system is a software that stores and organizes information about customers, optimizing the work of sales and marketing departments.

A social network is about the same as regular social networks but is used in the interests of the company. Such programs are equipped with a large number of functions – from messaging and information exchange to built-in tools for collaboration and project management.

The training platform allows the employee to take online training in his specialty. Based on the results of advanced training on the platform, an employee may qualify for a promotion or salary increase. You can also implement tests for job compliance. Such applications motivate employees to develop and improve the quality of the company’s most valuable resource – its personnel.

Corporate application functionality

Various functions can be implemented in corporate mobile applications, it all depends on the needs and scope of the company. Some of them are universal and are implemented, as a rule, in any application for companies. Among them:

  • chat or internal social network for communication between employees;
  • chat for interaction with clients;
  • tools for setting tasks and their distribution;
  • a personal account of employees with an employee card;
  • analysis tools;
  • reporting tools;
  • template documents with the possibility of automatic or semi-automatic filling;
  • code scanner or product recognition tools;
  • catalog of goods or services with the possibility of generating an invoice;
  • integration with third-party services.

You can implement absolutely any tools that a company needs to work effectively.

Which business needs a corporate app

As a rule, the decision to use corporate applications is made by large companies that need to streamline business processes. However, even for small teams, this can be useful, especially when it comes to a large number of remote employees. Or if a large amount of data is being processed at work. Public applications are risky for companies.

Researchers report that 97% of companies use mobile technologies in their work. On average, they use 4 different platforms. Building proprietary business applications reduces the risk of hacker attacks and corporate information leakage. For example, companies that use WhatsApp cannot be sure of privacy.

In addition to minimizing the risk of external interference, corporate applications allow you to configure access and encrypt information, and request user authentication. You can develop a security policy and embed it in your application.

How to implement enterprise applications?

There are two options for implementing enterprise applications:

  1. Provide employees with mobile gadgets that will support applications;
  2. Make sure that corporate applications support employee gadgets.

Managers must convey to employees that the use of closed mobile technologies is not just a trend, but a tool that can fundamentally change how a company works and facilitate business processes.

The process of enterprise app development

The development of enterprise applications begins with the discussion of the idea, the definition of the main goals, and the setting of tasks. The Intellectsoft company works in several stages, each of which is separately approved. Thus, customers can fully control the work and track the result.

Let’s look at the stages of corporate mobile application development.

  1. Analytics. First of all, the company’s team has to discuss the idea with a customer, formulate tasks, develop a concept and collect all the necessary data. A company needs to know the target audience, study competitors, understand the features of the customer’s field of activity and find the best solutions. In the course of analytics, the main tasks are formed.
  2. Prototyping. A prototype is needed to allow a customer to understand what the application will ultimately look like. At this stage, elements are located, and a set of functions and ways of their implementation are determined.
  3. Development and design. The designer makes drafts and programmers start writing code. As a result, a full-fledged working application is gradually being assembled.
  4. Testing and launch. After development, several stages of testing are carried out, and the load on the application and the ability to protect the system from hacking and damage are checked. If there are shortcomings, they are eliminated, if everything is fine, the application is launched. A good corporate app development company will train the company’s employees to use a new solution.

The Intellectsoft company, in addition, provides technical support. It also provides warranty support, in case of failures, specialists immediately fix the problems.


The success of a company is always measured in numbers. Reducing costs and increasing revenues are the main tasks of any business. Behind these tasks are people. Corporate mobile applications can increase the efficiency of employees, evaluate performance and optimize tasks and business processes. Intellectsoft is a reliable corporate apps development company with experience in creating solutions for different industries. Don’t hesitate to improve the performance of your business.


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