Discover How Google Ads Can Benefit Your Company

November 14, 2022

Getting your website in front of the right people can seem like a daunting task. While setting up your web page and having effective SEO seems easy, any competent Google Ads agency can tell you how complex a marketing campaign can be. Turning to Google Ads may seem like an expensive solution, but when used properly it can completely change how your business interacts with its customers. Here are a few ways you can use the service to boost your branding.

What is Google Ads?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, the service takes your marketing and deploys it across the search engine giant’s vast network. They allow businesses to create marketing strategies featured in their network types, including:

  • Search-Based
  • YouTube
  • Shopping Tab
  • Page Display

Don’t be confused by Google AdSense, the search engine giant’s other major advertising system. While Google Ads lets you put your marketing in a particular network, AdSense brings your webpage into one of those groups. While both help you get your page recognized, using a Google Ads agency to optimize your marketing content will definitely help your company excel on the search platform.

A Wide Reach

Google is the world’s most popular search engine for a reason. Over 65% of customers hit on Google’s ads when shopping digitally, making it exceptionally effective at getting your message out there. With its advanced algorithms and SEO grading services, the search engine brings users to their intended destination time and time again.

With a Google Ads agency at your back, you can take advantage of that long reach to get your branding in front of the right eyes. Customers are always on the lookout for answers to their questions, and if your marketing strategy provides a solution to their problem, the broad reach of Google ensures that your business pops up on their screen.

Data Targeting

The Google search engine handles over two trillion queries per year. That breaks down to over five billion searches daily, and the data magnate holds onto all that information. Data can make or break a business, and using Google Ads gives you access to those statistics so you can better understand how your customers interact with your brand.

The metrics allow you to follow your customers through every phase of their shopping journey, not just what happens on your website. Google Ads also allows businesses to bid on particular keywords, making your marketing even more focused on a specific demographic. Consulting with a Google Ads agency will help you to find the best keywords to reach prospective clients.

Maximize ROI

It takes more than just making an appealing post-click landing page to get a great return on your investment. Google Ads can help businesses to reach their specific marketing goals by adjusting their bidding strategies. The types available include:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Perfect for driving business to your site, this is the standard pricing model that Google employs.
  • Cost per Thousand Viewable Impressions (CPM): Best for building brands, this system levies an upfront price for maximum views on Google’s Display Network.
  • Cost-Per-Action (CPA): This method bases price on events such as customer purchases and sign-ups, making conversions more viable.

With some optimization, a great Google Ads agency can help your company optimize websites, analyze quality scores, and automate high-performance ads to maximize the return on your advertising budget.

Capitalize on Conversions

Google can certainly get a lot of eyes on your ads, but its conversion rate is more important. After all, it won’t matter how many people you reach if they aren’t interested in your brand. Thankfully, Google has your back by examining the post-click user experience. While you can use these stats to improve on-page marketing, Google also checks them when determining your CPC bidding prices.

Because Google looks at landing pages, it gives associated businesses an advantage compared to other marketing strategies. An effective landing page means your customers won’t need to seek out what they’re looking for, guiding them directly to their intended product or service. This makes conversions even more fluid since your patrons will get exactly what they’re shopping for every time!

Getting the Most out of Marketing

Google gives businesses a lot to work with when advertising. Since the bulk of its revenue comes from ads, the search engine giant wants you to get the most out of its services. Work with a Google Ads agency that understands the best ways to leverage the system to your benefit. That way, your customers will have the best shopping experience from the first click on the search bar to the last one during checkout!


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