Digitalization with Super Apps

August 5, 2021

Hundreds of new single-purpose and multipurpose mobile applications are emerging every day. Many of them are hardly different from those of already existing ones, that’s why they don’t gain much popularity. At the same time, there appear apps that attract thousands of users immediately. It is difficult to forecast the market reaction to the release of any new application, but there is one thing we know for sure: super apps are what people need to revolutionize their businesses.

Super app is a versatile solution that includes a diversity of other integrated mobile applications, providing access to various services for performing numerous tasks. Although super apps (like Alipay, WeChat, and Alibaba) became first popular in China, the demand for such apps is now expanding globally.

Why Are They So Successful?

There are four principal reasons why super applications for businesses are becoming increasingly popular.

Mobile experience

Every new generation of mobile devices is much smarter and much more functional than the ones before them, and that is why the number of mobile users is continually growing. To further simplify people’s day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills or ordering food, there were designed mobile super apps. With super apps, you don’t have to download many different applications that will take extra storage space on your device: everything is gathered under one umbrella.

Online population

The world is constantly turning into digital format. Online transactions have replaced plastic cards and cash and have become our daily routine. Super applications enable their customers to make purchases and pay for services from anywhere and at any time, with the least amount of effort and resources.

Government assistance

We can see from the example of Chinese super applications that any government is interested in solutions able to unite its citizens via providing them with a single platform for performing everyday operations. As for Europe and the United States, digital integration of all processes will undoubtedly result in super apps’ widespread use and success in these areas too.

Key Benefits

Implementation of super apps into your business inevitably leads to the following advantages:

  • Fewer risks. This business solution decreases the risks associated with product launches due to the very broad super apps targeted audience that spans vast regions.
  • Lower price. With one super app, you don’t have to spend money on implementing various small applications, as all necessary tools and features for your business efficiency are gathered under one umbrella.
  • Simpler adaptation. Thanks to the automatic sync of data from customers’ all-encompassing social and financial profiles, super apps also enable a simpler onboarding process for new customers and reduced KYC (Know Your Customer) costs.

A great example of a super app is the Chinese application Alipay. Developed by the technology company Alibaba Group, Alipay is a mobile platform for digital life that provides features for finance management, e-commerce purchases, services ordering, etc. With just a single app, any Alipay user can order food, pay for water, electricity, phone bills, do shopping online, send recommendations to friends, get discounts and make online transactions anywhere and anytime. People’s need in such a solution is attested by the number 一 over 676 million monthly active users.

Developing multifunction super apps that will meet the demands of your business is feasible only for experienced companies that have a good knowledge of the market situation and are able to find the best way to approach their customers. A trusted technology partner and software company with 10+ years of experience, Emerline, is always looking forward to new challenges that will allow putting its successful experience and vast expertise into practice. If you want to enhance the effectiveness of your business with a super app, contact Emerline experts!


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