Different Places Where People Can Use Bitcoins For Making Transactions

February 21, 2022

The good news is that an increasing number of businesses accept bitcoin payments. Still, bitcoins are not universally accepted yet. So it becomes necessary to research to find them in your area. Below are the places where you can use bitcoins for making transactions:

1. Booking movie tickets with bitcoins:

There are several sites out there where people can book tickets with bitcoins. They offer movie tickets, concert tickets, and theatre tickets. A credit card or bank transfer can pay them, which is considered the best part.

2. Booking hotel rooms:

There are many options when it comes to finding accommodation with bitcoins. For example, a popular hotel chain, Airbnb, allows payments for hotel rooms using bitcoins, among other forms of payment. This allows people to search for reasonably priced hotels in their neighborhood and book accommodations online with bitcoins using their bitcoins wallet.

3. Booking travel packages:

It is possible to book travel packages with bitcoins. All people have to do is go to CheapAir, specializing in booking flights, car rentals, hotels, and other travel-related services. People can also use bitcoins for booking bus seats with the service Busbud.

4. Donating money to good causes:

Several non-profit organizations use bitcoins for accessing donations. These include the Fidelity Charitable Fund, The Water Project, and Greenpeace. Such organizations have a lot of causes that they support, and bitcoin donations can help them support even more causes.

5. Attending conferences:

It is possible to attend Bitcoin conferences with nothing but bitcoins. There are many bitcoin-friendly conferences, including the North American Bitcoin Conference and the European Bitcoin Convention. There are also several niche conferences organized around bitcoin.

6. Donating to political campaigns:

Candidates running for elections can accept donations in bitcoins through the service BitPAC. They can contribute to meeting and event expenses, travel costs, printing costs, web advertising fees, and other political campaign-related items.

7. Buying and selling yourself:

It is possible to sell your services or products with bitcoins. 1Bit, for example, is a platform where you can hire people to do various things for you, including designing websites and writing books. They accept payment in bitcoins. Freelancer and oDesk also allow freelancers to be paid in bitcoin.

However, it gives you an idea of what bitcoins can do. The world has yet to see how far they can go once people start using them to make transactions with other people, organizations, and businesses globally.

The reason behind the immense use of bitcoin for payments

One of the biggest reasons many people use bitcoins for payments is that they are beneficial. The benefits make it easier for people to make payments while saving them both time and money. It’s possible to convert bitcoins into cash or do an online transaction using digital currency when it comes to making a transaction. It might not be available in all countries yet, but bitcoin is being used as a mode of payment worldwide.

  • It’s safe to use

Another reason why people are using bitcoin for payments is that it is safe from risks that accompany traditional payment means such as credit cards, PayPal, and e-wallets. Since bitcoins are decentralized, nobody can block payments or close down your account on the Bitcoin Revolution. If a bitcoin transaction is successful, it will go through unless your wallet is an issue. If you lose your wallet or forget your private key, you can’t get hacked and robbed of your money. Using bitcoin for payments is a safe way to go since there’s no risk of identity theft.

  • It’s easy to use

Another reason people are using bitcoin for payments is that it’s simple. For example, if you’re on holiday and need to make some quick cash, you can go through the process of selling bitcoins and getting your money. It’s much easier than going from bank to bank to make a withdrawal or standing in line at the post office to send a wire with your money.

  • You can accept payments online.

No matter where you are located, it’s possible to accept bitcoin payments if you have an internet connection at home. So whether you’re selling handmade jewelry or offering writing services, bitcoin customers can pay you using their digital currency to receive your products or services.


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