Differences in Bitcoin Gambling: PC vs. Apps

July 21, 2022

Gambling your Bitcoin away is a sound way of entertaining yourself. You can easily spend your crypto savings on purchases (it’s very much an option now), further investments, or just plain games of risk. The latter is thrilling, potentially lucrative, and also simple.

Most people either use an online Bitcoin casino of some sort, which is usually accessed through a PC, or an app. These are two main methods of decentralized gambling, but you aren’t limited to just one or the other. It’s just that mobile gambling, for instance, can be a lot more comfortable for you due to several factors.

Whether a gambling solution will be comfortable for you is also up to the specific design of that solution. So, the differences described below aren’t really strict. They are just general qualities exhibited by online casinos on one hand and gambling apps – on the other.

Gambling on PC

This method refers to all the different online casinos you can find scattered all over the place. People usually gamble this way with a PC. It doesn’t mean that you can’t access a casino website with your mobile. In fact, they often have special mobile versions of these websites that are custom tailored to meet the needs of a mobile user.

PC, however, is still the preferred way. And there are several reasons why you might prefer an online casino with a PC interface:

  1. Exhaustive information. With a widescreen, you can read and notice a lot more details, such as the different game options, rules, and other nuances. On mobile interfaces, these details can be shoved way down, moved to a separate page, or just deleted. There is no way a mobile display can include all this stuff.
  2. Comfortable for long sessions. If you’re looking to gamble for longer than just a few spins, then PC gambling is much more comfortable. You can sit in the comfort of your chair, and switch between tabs when you need to do something else on the computer, and there is generally a lot more freedom and flexibility.
  3. Tools. Unlike crypto exchanges, BTC casinos don’t use that many tools. You don’t really need anything of the sort unless you want to manage your losses very carefully and plan each spin with absolute meticulousness. For that, you’ll usually need third-party tools, and they are impossible to use on mobile.

In short, you can play your favorite Bitcoin hi-lo game and enjoy as much information on it as you need, switch between tasks with more ease, and plan your moves ahead. So, it’s more of a solution for hardline gamblers who prefer to spend some time on their spins and do it wisely.

Gambling with Apps

Apps are more casual. They are simpler solutions you can download on your mobile – through Google Play, App Store, or, more often, from an official website of the casino. Unless the mobile casino is a unique, standalone solution, then you’d usually download it from some company that already has an online casino.

Casino apps are treated more like pastime, on-the-road forms of entertainment. It’s true that a lot of people get their gambling apps to make a few cheeky bets while on the road, in the restroom, or out of boredom. But it’s not all there is – this line of thought assumes that apps are subpar in quality and only enjoy popularity because of how quickly you can launch one.

No, these applications are often made better, with more depth and content than regular online casinos. The display offers less information, and the experience isn’t as flexible, but it’s still incredibly comfortable if you want to make bets. And yet, it is a quicker way.


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