Dealmoon Review: Great Chinese Shopping Market

March 18

You might be well aware of Dealmoon as a Chinese market that has become the leading social shopping community. Dealmoon basically is a high-end, bargain-oriented and elite shopping platform. It is a popular e-commerce website that has attracted millions of online customers. The Dealmoon shopping platform vital policy is in offering the most luxurious, and branded products in all aspects of beauty/fashion, travel, electronics, and baby products along with all ever-expanding categories.

Well, there is a lot more to know about them and its marketing strategy so here is the complete review of Dealmoon, its services, employment, deals and coupons, promotion codes, credit card, stores, and app show.

What is Dealmoon Shopping Platform?

Dealmoon operates one of the leading communal shopping for Chinese expats. It has got its roots all around the world.

This makes it the largest Chinese-American blog branching with a developing Influencer network. The website was launched in the Bay Area in the U.S. in 2009 and offers shopping recommendations focusing mainly on the market needs and demands of Chinese shoppers.

But now with its continuous growth and popularity, it is successful in cultivating the customer base of 13 million global shoppers.

Foundation of Dealmoon and Weibo

The global consumer brands that are currently working with Dealmoon use Chinese-language shopper to grow its connections. Recalling data from 2016, Chinese shoppers are engaged with Dealmoon over more than one billion times from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Ital, and Spain along with China.

Now in 2011, Dealmoon united with top Chinese social platform Weibo. It helped it in expanding its scope to Chinese consumers worldwide. Now it not only provides product and shopping tips but a guidance to adapt to their new homes outside China. This became possible with Dealmoon’s Weibo channels that have now more than 20 million followers.

Currently, Dealmoon international sites included are-,,,, and

Dealmoon with its Weibo account did not only limit the sharing of deals to Weibo But it also sends useful information to the students and new immigrants. It shares with them the information regarding how to buy a car, the history of Halloween and tips on how to kill bedbugs, etc.

Dealmoon Employees and Market Strategies

Presently, Dealmoon has got 75 employees and 60 in China focusing mainly on the tech side of the Dealmoon business. Their site receives more than 13 million unique visitors monthly to its website.

It now comes with a deal-focused strategy where the team selects some selected products every day with price drops and then supplies to consumers.

Out of its two main websites, the one is that focusses on women’s products such as Fashion, Beauty, and Home. On the other hand, one is for men that focuses on tech products, called that eventually was not that successful. This price drop strategy has attracted a lot of users.

Even their website is bilingual to facilitate shopping for its Chinese-Americans.

Dealmoon Brands and Partners

Talking about Dealmoon brands and partners, it covers a wide range. It works with about 3000+ of the world’s best brands and partners. Its brands include Nordstrom, Sephora, American Express, GNC, Dell, Nike and Dyson to name a few. These high-end and famous brands aim to deliver a consistently high-end customer experience. It combines with it great deals and products that are hard for consumers to find elsewhere.

How did they gain so many followers?

Now one might wonder how it has managed to be a talk-of-the-town in shopping market.

So this is because they sponsors a lot to contests where fans can re-tweet the deals a certain number of times. This is done in order to enter into a raffle. Now, these raffles include the prizes that range from iPads, laptops, cosmetics, and trips. The raffles have managed from having 60,000 followers in Nov. of 2011 to now having over a million in 2018. This has made the site a good resource for finding deals and save money on the brand products.

Also, it is for the micro-blogging world of Weibo and Twitter. This is because they share the short and to the point content and posting deals often.  Their post stays in a user’s news feed for the entire day giving company many chances to get sales.

Dealmoon Deals- Black Friday and Singles Day

Dealmoon timings have always been right for them. As I told above on the deals are updated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Going one step ahead, they came up with an idea of hosting a special Black Friday section that attracted eyes of many shopaholics. It aimed to provide a complete shopping guide for Black Friday.

In 2013, They came up with a promotional idea of creatingDealmoon Singles Day’ in America. It was started in China in the 1990s by a group of Chinese students, and was used by Alibaba in 2012 for huge sale events, giving discounts of 50% off site-wide that became China’s new ‘Black Friday.’ The Singles Day by Dealmoon made people forget Black Friday.

Singles Day became an annual entertainment festival that invited four continents with a selection of luxury brands. It is now thinking to provide its offers to over some 500 stores.

Dealmoon Coupons and Credit cards

Dealmoon gives you a chance to compare and apply for credit card offers. This you can do contacting the partners at You can look for and choose from a variety of great credit card offers that vary from travel & rewards cards, cash back. In addition, there is no foreign transaction fee cards, student cards and much more to offer.

Talking about Promo coupons and deals, they offers discount and codes on almost all the products ranging from beauty to electronics to food to travel. Its online stores include some famous sites like Amazon, Sephora, Lancome and Kohl’s etc.

Dealmoon Mobile App

Everything comes handy when you have a mobile app for it is with you anywhere and anytime. Dealmoon launched the app that has now been downloaded by over one million users with five million plus social media mentions over more than 40 SM channels.

On Dealmoon app you get all the available coupons, deals and shopping guides 24/7. The app also provides you with the user community that helps you find and share shopping experience with others having similar interests.

Now to make sure you never miss a deal you can also customize your deal push alerts, review and comment on products and share deals. In this way, you can be the first among your friends to know the hottest deals of the day.

Wrapping Up Dealmoon Review

So if you want to enjoy the fabulous and magnificent deals at hunting prices then this is the place for you. On Dealmoon, you see major high-end products like luxury handbags, skincare, Apple products, etc. Looking at their special demographics many merchants have started partnering with Dealmoon.

This has even helped them to promote their sale events, offering exclusive deals increasing their exposure.


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