Custom Painting Gift Guide

April 30, 2022

Shopping for someone special for their birthday or other important milestones? If they love art, then a custom painting gift makes for a great present – and you have a lot of different options. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing custom painting gifts.

The benefit of custom painting gifts

They’re simply unique – you can give someone a gift that no one else in the world has and tailor it completely to their tastes and interests. And that goes for every aspect of the painting: size, design, frame, color scheme – it’s all up to you.

Custom painting gifts

When you’re choosing your custom painting gift, you don’t just have a ready-made painting to think about. There are a lot of different types of custom painting gifts, from a frame-ready pieces to DIY options like custom paint by numbers kits. Let’s look at some of them in a little more detail now. 

Finished paintings

When you think about custom painting gifts, it’s only natural that you think of wholly new paintings. If you want to give your loved one an individual painting to hang on their wall or display on their desk, find an artist who takes commissions, and they’ll craft something special for you. If they’re a fan of art themselves, find their favorite artist and ask them to create a piece that they’ll love – whether it’s through social media or putting in a custom request on a site like Etsy. 

And of course, if you’re a creative yourself, you could create a bespoke gift all by yourself – just buy your supplies and let that creative energy flow. Try using their favorite colors or designs and incorporate them into your own artistic style for a truly unique gift that they’ll treasure forever. 

Custom paint by numbers

Paint by numbers is a super fun and foolproof painting gift that’s perfect for all abilities and skillsets. Plus, when you add a customization element to the mix, you’ve got a fantastic gift idea. Choose their favorite scene, place, or design to complete the kit. 

You have two choices if you opt to buy a custom paint by numbers kit. You could give the kit to your loved ones so they can complete it themselves. Or you could complete it for them as a beautifully finished product.

Custom diamond painting

Diamond painting is another form of paint by numbers, but instead of paint, you have little acrylic diamonds to place on your canvas. You can get a custom design for these as well and have the same two choices: finishing it yourself as a gift or giving your loved one an excuse to take the day doing a relaxing activity. 


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