CS: GO Community Club Cases

May 15, 2022

The famous shooter is recognized for the unique online mode structure, beautiful graphics that stay relevant for ages, and the most devoted player’s community. The gamers enjoy fighting to get Global Elite and do their best to perform their skills impressively. However, some players have an alternative aim for spending time in matchmaking – the skins. Because many Steam market cases have high prices and can’t be afforded by the gamers, the community prefers opening custom cases on online platforms.

The total dominance of the skins over other in-game elements can’t be compared with other Valve games. And that’s why CS: GO community club cases are so popular nowadays.

The gamers enjoy opening them because:

  • Lower price: the Steam market’s products are considered original, so they are usually more expensive than the reselling ones.
  • Higher chances: an opportunity to get a knife or a rare skin is higher on the web platforms (the drop possibility rate is highlighted for each item).
  • Alternative skin sets: unique collections may include more items the player wants to get than original CS: GO cases.
  • Equal chances: everyone who attends an online case opening platform has similar possibilities to get the desired skin.
  • Variety of collections: more customized sets can be opened in the game.

The ordinary community members created the case opening platforms and wanted everybody to have fun with the exciting skins. The websites help deepen into alternative CS: GO reality and test your luck by unpacking custom club cases.

How Are Custom Cases Formed?

The Team updates usually bring a similar algorithm of adding new skins – creating an event and adding a case with the best designs of the latest period. The websites suggest opening unique collections built with the community members’ tastes. And now, let’s discover how the club cases are created and what aspects are considered when forming them.

By Weapon Type  

Each has specific preferences for tactics – wait and look at optical sight or attack with an AK-47 going ahead of the teammates.

The fighting style is individual, so it’s better to offer users cases with their favorite weapons: 

  • AK-47. The famous T-side weapon is preferred at buy-rounds and is considered one of the most powerful. Its popularity forced the developers to emphasize adding the most exciting paintings on the AK. The case includes the old-school “Fire Serpent”, classic “Case Hardened”, futuristic “Point Disarray”, and other excellent items.
  • USP-S. The best pistol for one-tap shooting and killing enemies with headshots. It’s 1 of 2 the standard 1st-round weapons for CTs and is more frequently met than P2000. The custom case includes cheap and expensive designs highly evaluated by the community, such as “Neo-Noir”, “Kill Confirmed”, “Cortex”, etc.
  • AWP. If you see a sniper hiding on another map’s side, more than 50% of them have an AWP to provide a one-shot kill. The most desired skins available in the club case are “Silk Tiger”, “Man O’War”, and “Hyper Beast.”

The opportunity to win a design for a favorite gun usually attracts players tired of wasting money on a low-chance in-game lottery.

By Rarity

The fact is that not every player wants to get only the most expensive skins. Some people don’t look at the price and like even minimalist mil-spec designs.

Overall, the preferences and wishes are individual, so the item’s quality is necessary for forming club cases:

  • Military-special. In this category, you can find blue-quality skins that usually have low prices and frequently drop in matchmaking. The custom case includes rare MP9 “Hot Rod” and Mac-10 “Fade”, and more typical but beautiful M4A4 “Radiation Hazard” or AK-47 “Elite Build”, etc.
  • Classified. Here are the “unusual” types of skins regarded as medium-priced. As a rule, the players don’t mind having them in the inventories. The most famous case elements are M4A1-S “Blue Phosphor” and “MasterPiece”, AWP “Graphite”, etc.
  • Covert. The rarest type of gun (not considered contraband and extraordinary) has the red naming style. The marketing platform leaders and indispensable elements of the club case are AWP “Fade”, M4A1-S “Welcome to the Jungle”, and AK-47 “Vulcan.”
  • Knife. Such a thing is a vertex of rarity and always was the most desired item for the community. And in this case, everybody can try dropping famous skins for karambit, skeleton, butterfly and gut knives, etc.

Choosing the rarity of the desired thing makes the lottery convenient and brings attractiveness to case openings.

Farm Cases 

Such sets are cheap and include 1 expensive item and 2 or more cheap items (the standard price is no more than $1). The idea is that the users have more than 95% of the common skin, and less than 1% drop something significant. Such a mechanism attracts many customers, and the luckiest succeed.

Top 3 Community Cases

Various items can be permanently met while playing a competitive mode. So, CS: GO determines trends in the skins’ popularity and involves players researching the profitable methods to get them.

The club cases with the most favorite community’s items are: 

  • Lovely Desert”. It includes designs with an orange pattern that reminds us of the desert. Desert Eagle “Ocean Drive”, USP-S “Orion”, and M4A1-S “Atomic Alloy” are the parts of the collection.
  • Breaking the Stage”. The set is full of futuristic skins with the prevailing pink and purple, such as AWP “Fever Dream” or MP5-SD “Phosphor.”
  • Assassin’s Creed”. You can find AK-47 “Bloodsport”, Glock-18 “Wasteland Rebel” in this set, and other items.

The club case developers aim to give the users what they want, comprehensively researching the latest game trends.

The alternatives for in-game case openings grow in popularity, and each day involves more users in an exciting lottery. Many players prefer the custom club cases because of their affordability and high chances of getting the best skins. A wide variety of skin sets helps gamers get what they want and avoid spending money on Steam.


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