Crunch Fitness Survey Online 2021

March 11

Crunch Fitness was started by Doug Levine in 1989 and is now considered one
of the most popular and respected Fitness clubs in the United States, Canada,
and Australia, with over 300 franchised fitness clubs. You can also check here crunch fitness membership cost in detail.

Like all fitness clubs, The company holds the Crunch Fitness customer survey to
check their customers are satisfied with their fitness facilities or not? It will
take a few minutes from your important life.

This is because the clients may
hesitate to give their opinions with the crunch Fitness directly. So, they can

provide their views by participating in the Crunch Fitness Survey.

What You Need for Crunch Fitness survey

 A mobile device or computer with Active internet connection
 Ability to read and understand English

Step By Step Guide For Crunch Fitness Survey

1. To start a Crunch Fitness survey, first, go to its survey page.

2. On the Crunch Fitness Survey page, you will be asked to fill in basic
details like name, address, email, phone number, etc.; fill in all these
details and click on the Next button.

3. In the first question on the survey page, you will be asked your crunch
fitness membership number.

4. In the second question, you will be asked. On average, how often do you
go to a gym? You can answer according to your routine.

5. In the next question, you will be asked which facility of Crunch did you
like the most? You can answer based on your experience.

6. The new question you will be asked is, what improvement do you want in
a fitness club? You can answer it according to you.

7. In the next question, you will be asked how many marks out of 10 would
you give to their hygiene?

8. That's all


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