Creative Techniques for Your Photography

July 22, 2021

When it comes to creating stunning photographs, everyone understands the importance of composition and lighting and how using them correctly can be the difference between a good photo and a great one. Sometimes however that simply isn’t enough to capture the image that you are looking for. Here are some of the creative techniques that you can use to create even more interesting photographs.

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Zoom burst

One of the easiest techniques you could use, zoom burst, needs very little setup. All that is required is to take the image that you want using a slow shutter speed, whilst zooming in and out from the subject matter. This will create a blurred effect on the edges of the image. The viewer of the image is given the impression that they are, in fact, rushing towards the subject. Different effects can be achieved by experimenting with the speed of the zoom, shutter speed, framing, and distance from the subject.

Create a rain effect

It can be difficult to take photos in the rain. This is unfortunate because it can give you some rather incredible results. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to pull this off, and you don’t really want to risk getting your camera wet, then fortunately there is a simple way that you can recreate the effect yourself. Fill a simple spray bottle with water and use it to spray the glass or plastic screen in a clear photo frame. This will create the effect of a window covered in water. Use this screen to take your photo through, remember to play with your lighting to optimize the results that you are looking for.


Reflection photography can look truly incredible, but being in the right place at exactly the right time to capture the perfect image is tricky. A prism can be used to help you add the best unique reflections to your photo. This is an easy and highly portable trick to have in your arsenal. All you need to do is bring the prism close to your lens and turn and twist it until you see something you like. With a bit of practice, you will find the look you prefer, and finding it again will be even easier.

Fairy lights

Who doesn’t love the bright glow that you get from fairy lights, they can work really well in photographs for adding that creative touch? You can use them to accentuate your subject or create a completely different area of focus in your photographs. Try experimenting to see what kind of effects you can create, consider different angles, and of course lighting for maximum effect.


You could go old school and use a nylon stocking over the lens of your camera to create a diffused and softer look. It works just as well as a much more expensive filter, however, if you are looking for a little more texture to your photo then grab some lace. This translucent material has a little more pattern and texture to it than nylons and offers you an unusual filter. Try shooting through the lace and see what kinds of effects you can get; you will need to pay with the lighting until you are happy with what you see. Remember the different parts of the lace will add different types of dept to your image.

The best way to find the creative techniques that work for you is to play around with them. Remember that lighting, angle and even subject matter may play a role, so practice taking some shots, keep notes and work out what you like best.


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