Common Pinterest Mistakes to Avoid – Try This

June 30, 2021

Pinterest has over 200 million subscribers. That makes it a powerful social media platform for business and social interactions. But most people make mistakes when signing up and maintaining their Pinterest account. That is why they struggle to get Pinterest followers in big numbers as they would like. You can avoid such mistakes by researching your market niche to ensure that your content is relevant to the target audience. People searching for new recipes, ideas, and home decor style designs search Pinterest for inspiration. It is popular with women, but anyone with an account will get information regarding various life aspects and DIY hacks. The Pinterest button makes it easy for website visitors to share your content for more engagements. Check this guide on how to add Pinterest button if you have trouble adding it. Remember, the focus should be to make your Pinterest account more popular online. Directing more traffic to your Pinterest account will create more engagements, leading to more exposure to your content at Pinterest.

Below are some simple ways to make your Pinterest more popular:

  •       Identify Pinterest users.
  •       Create engagement with popular and exciting content.
  •       Research on group boards and join the most relevant to your content.
  •       Engage followers with fresh and original information that adds value to their lives.
  •       Post creative and highly visual images.
  •       Choose keywords and hashtags that attract your target audience’s attention.
  •       Post content details to engage and build loyalty with your Pinterest followers.

Those few tips can help you build your Pinterest account popularity. Social media platforms play a role in marketing. You may earn royalties and funds through a popular Pinterest account because of influencer marketing. But there are a few things you should avoid to ensure the Pinterest profile is successful.

Common Pinterest mistakes to avoid

  1. Non-optimization of Pinterest account
    There are many ways of optimizing your Pinterest to reach the target niche. Optimization means potential clients get the best impression of your profile when they search and visit your website online. Putting the brand logo as the profile picture can help attract more potential clients to the website. A well-designed logo should also include a brief description of your content. Following up with a bio regarding your account can also help to engage followers. Keywords and posts metadata optimization is also crucial, and you should also extend optimization to the Pinterest boards. To optimize the keywords, add them to your profile and bio description, board names and descriptions, and pin descriptions.
  1. Not adding the Pinterest button
    There are two reasons why you should add the pin it button on your website. One, it makes it easy for the followers to share your content. New visitors to the website can also re-pin-old content creating more exposure to your content. New followers can also access such pins from the archives, and that increases viewership of your content. Secondly, it is ideal for mobile users as the format is easy to open and access your content easily.
  1. Failure to track and use Pinterest analysis
    Doing a regular analysis of your pins and audience can help you identify relevant content. To access an analysis of your Pinterest account, first, confirm the website. There are guidelines on procedure to do this to access Pinterest analysis. Some of the info you should track are email subscribers through an autoresponder, clicks, and other levels of engagements and number of followers. You may review tracking tools online to make the analysis easy. The takeaway is the number of clicks you get. Though you should track the total views and number of followers, the clicks to your website are what matters most.
  1. Poor pin design
    Some people go for pin interest design templates, but you may also identify catchy Pinterest designs from your home feed. Remember, your target audience receives many pins on their feeds. Having one that stands out will stop them from scrolling further and direct their attention to your website, creating more traffic to your site. Another important consideration is to make vertical pins. Square and horizontal pins do not catch potential target audience attention. Super long pins also do not appeal to the target audience. To strike a balance, try and stick to the 2:3 ratio. Most people also prefer to share short and vertical pins on their social media platforms as they are more attractive and do not take so much space in their social media pages. To create impressive pin interest pins, follow the above tips. Other considerations to make are:
    • Using keywords to name the images you post in your pins.
    • Ensure the post is relevant to the target audience.
    • The topic and the pin should correlate, and the target keywords should feature.
  1. Lack of pin strategy
    Understanding the dynamism and workings of the Pinterest algorithm can help you to strategize to generate more traffic to your website. Pinning a URL so many times creates an impression of spamming and leads to account suspension. The same case applies to posting the same image pins constantly because it does not spark new engagements. Enrolling in a Pinterest course online can help you learn more about effective pinning strategies. Some of the relevant courses you can take are Pinteresting strategies, Pinfinite Growth, and Pin Practical Promotions.
  1. Posting few new pins and omitting the call-to-action strategy
    Posting new pins generates more traffic to your site. It also helps achieve Pinterest’s goals of giving audiences new content to keep them on the platform. You may re-pin old posts, edit font size and color, or change the image on the posts. Alternatively, you may get predesigned pin templates online to make it easy to post new pins regularly. Without a call-to-action in your profile, the traffic you generate will not take any action. Including freebies, discounts, and other offers are simple call-to-action tips you can take for more engagement with your target audience.

Since Pinterest accounts differ, making these mistakes affects different profiles differently. That is why you should review your Pinterest and opt for strategies that work for you for success on the Pinterest platform.


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