Can You Claim Compensation for Damaged Hair?

January 10, 2022

Hairdressers are responsible for their customers while in the salon. They should be careful to avoid causing trouble to their clients as they can be subject to legal action and payment of compensation. Claims against hairdressers are nearly similar in process to personal injury claims. However, there are particular features of hairdressing compensation claims that necessitate getting in touch with a law firm specializing in processing injuries caused by hairdressers.

How can you know if you have a case against the hairdresser?

Can you sue a hairdresser for ruining your hair? The answer to this question is yes, although there are specific circumstances that will ensure you have a case and that you can get compensation for the hair damage. So, the first thing to determine is whether you are entitled to an injury claim or your problem is more of a complaint against bad service.

Specialist solicitors help people receive compensation if they suffer physical injury to the hair. Such injuries include issues caused by bleaching or over-processing, leading to serious hair damage like brittle or dry hair that will likely fall out, break, or snap.

Some clients complain of irritation to the scalp, bald patches, or burns. Other hairdressing-related injuries include cuts, burns, and allergic reactions. But, again, these are the types of damage where the expertise of a hairdressing injury claim solicitor can be of help.

Protecting yourself and avoiding hairdressing injuries

No one wants to make a hairdressing compensation claim. Hence, it is vital to be careful in choosing a hairdresser. One of the things you can do is book a registered hairdresser because it means the hairdresser is insured for injury claims, which will protect you and the hairdresser. They will use the initials SRH or State Registered Hairdresser. Currently, the registration under the Hairdressers Registration Act 1984 is still voluntary. Therefore, claiming hairdressing injury claims will eventually end in court with the assistance of experienced solicitors. If the hairdresser is not insured, there will always be a delay in recovering compensation.

Process of making a hairdressing injury claim 

After gathering all the evidence and contacting a solicitor with the details of the incident, the firm will review your claim. If the solicitor deems that you have a good cause, the firm will offer you a ”no win, no fee” agreement, which means that the solicitor can start the proceedings without any upfront payment from you. On the other hand, if the claim is unsuccessful, you are not required to pay the law firm anything.

Part of the process is for you to be seen by their specialist who will assess your hair’s damage. Then, the solicitor will present your case to the salon owner and invite them to accept the responsibility. Whether the case will be taken to court or the salon decides to settle out of court depends on the salon owner’s response. The solicitor will do everything to avoid taking the issue to court. Instead, they would work to negotiate a fair settlement out of court as much as possible.

On your part, ensure that you prepare all the evidence required to support your case. A solicitor can guide you on what types of documentation are admissible as evidence. Avoid going to another salon to fix the damage, as this can cause you to lose your claim for hairdressing injury.


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