Buying an Essay Online: An Ultimate Guide for Students

July 7, 2021

Becoming a good writer takes time and something that doesn’t happen overnight for some students. While there are students out there who can come up with good quality pieces effortlessly, some do struggle. Those who struggle with writing assignments can always turn to online essay writing services; however, it is important to be careful. There are plenty of fraudsters online that promise to deliver good quality assignments but end up scamming students. Below are some tips a student who wants to buy an essay online needs to follow.

Do some research on companies that offer essay writing services

Plenty of students underestimate the power good research does and the difference between getting top marks or failing an assignment. Before parting ways with money and paying an expert to do assignments for them, students have to make sure that the company and writer they are dealing with are legit. The last thing a student needs during this stressful time is to pay someone who will produce lackluster results or get no papers back in return because they’ve been scammed.

Check the reviews and quality of the assignments a company has written

When the pressure is on and deadlines are looking, some students can forget to ask writing companies to show them the quality of their work from pieces they’ve written for other or customer reviews. Students who pay a writing company without properly checking their work-out end up disappointed with the final product. A student should always ask for previous work and read customer reviews before deciding whether to use the service or not.

Check the budget

With plenty of students enrolling at colleges each year, there’s money to be made for essay writing companies. This service is not free and before even considering hiring an essay writing service, a student needs to know how much money they have and are willing to spend. There is no point in trying to hire a writing service if the funds are not there because of some charge premium for their services. Students should always avoid companies that offer essay writing services at a low price because the chances of getting a low-quality paper are very high. Companies that charge a premium or somewhere in the middle are the ones that should be prioritized because they deliver the best work.

Inquire if students can choose the writers from the company roster

There are some writing companies online that will send students a list of qualified writers they have on their roster and ask them to decide who they want. This allows students to ask questions and get to know the person that will be handling their work. If a student feels like a writer is not up to par or unable to handle their subject, they can switch. This is better than being assigned someone unable to complete the assignments effectively, making it very important for students to always find out if they can choose their advanced writer before buying an essay online from experts.

Ask if they produce Plagiarism free content

One thing that colleges across the world take seriously is plagiarism. Before a student decides to buy an essay online, they have to make sure the company they are hiring can produce plagiarism-free content. Any work that is copied from other sources without being referenced properly can land a student in hot water.


They can either be told to re-do the paper or, worst-case scenario, expelled. The good news is many online essay writing companies these days are aware of the consequences of plagiarism and will hire writers who will produce 100% original content so that students don’t get in trouble.

Money-back guarantee

When a student places an order, they need to ensure they let the writing company know its due date. Not letting a company know when an essay is due can cause major issues if they fail to deliver on time. The last thing any student needs is to miss their deadline. Students also need to find out if the company has a money-back guarantee and if they fail to deliver on time. The whole idea of hiring an essay writing company is to get good quality work delivered on time to get the best marks possible. Delivering late goes against the whole purpose of hiring one in the first place.

Inquire about revisions and corrections

One of the major mistakes that some students make when they use an essay writing service for the first time is, they submit the work they get immediately without checking it. A student always has to check the final product to ensure it meets the standards set by their tutor because submitting something that’s way off the mark results in a student getting a low grade.


Before buying an essay, a student should ask if a company offers corrections and revisions if they feel it is not up to standard. A legit writing company will have no problem editing work for students. They know that making a good impression on students means repeat business. Those that not legitimate will not be open to the idea of making corrections when asked because they are driven by greed and all they want is to scam students of their money.


When a student keeps the points that have been highlighted above in mind, they give themselves a good chance of hiring a top-quality writer for their assignments. Competition is very fierce with so many writing companies eager to impress students for repeat business. Quality work to get top marks is all a student should be aiming for when they turn to an essay writing service because getting something that is poorly written or plagiarized can set one back a year, couple of months, or even suspended from their course. While universities and colleges don’t discourage students from buying essays online, it’s important to be careful because fraudsters are always looking for opportunities to scam unsuspecting students of their money.


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