Brighten The Mood of Your Home with Pleated Shades

July 12, 2021

Try pleated shades this summer to drive out the last lingering bit of winter gloom. As the summer finally arrives to put the final seal of approval over winters departure, brighten up the entire mood of your home with some gorgeous pleated shades.

The best thing about pleated shades is that they go with any décor style, be it modern or traditional. The subdued glamour of pleats also compliments most color schemes. So, if you are worried about how to select a window treatment solution that would outlive quite a few design experiments, you need to look no further. Pleated blinds definitely tick all the boxes. Now you can brighten your home with the best pleated shades and enjoy the best of what summer brings.

There is more to pleated shades than just looks. The attractive exterior hides a uniquely crafted interior that lends pleated shades with some excellent characteristics. Lets look a bit into the structural features of pleated shades, followed by a detailed analysis of how these shades might be crucial for bringing summer cheer into your interiors.

What are Pleated Shades?

Pleated shades, as the name suggests, comes in the form of one pleated fabric layer. Often, customers confuse pleated shades with cellular shades or honeycomb shades, but these window treatment solutions are very different from each other. The primary difference lies in the structure, which eventually translates into subtle differences in functionalities. To find the shade that perfectly suits your requirements, it is important to know about these differences before making a purchase.

Honeycomb shades come in double, or even triple-layered fabric, which compounds its insulation power to a great extent. In comparison, pleated shades provide less insulation. However, the single fabric design allows in more light while keeping off the glare and the corresponding heat. For this reason, pleated shades are more suitable for the summer.

Cellular shades and pleated shades come in a similar appearance in a way that both have folds in the fabric. The difference lies in the profile of these shades. A pleated shade would have a zigzag pattern when viewed from the side as it consists of only one fabric. On the other hand, cellular shades have two fabrics that create a honeycomb pattern when viewed from their profile.

Benefits of Pleated Shades

Pleated shades come with an impressive array of benefits.

Heat Repellent– Pleated shades are great for protecting your interiors from heat gain. There is no doubt that heat gain is the most uncomfortable aspect of summer, especially in homes that are designed to keep the heat in. So, if you manage to reflect back most of the heat that falls on the windows, you will have an interior that is naturally cool and comfortable. Many pleated shades come with a thin layer of aluminum coating that is very useful in reflecting the heat.

UV Protection As the shades reflect back a lot of the sun rays that fall on them, they also protect the interiors from exposure to harmful UV rays. UV rays tend to inflict lasting damage on the walls and the furniture and are also harmful for the skin. The very same coating that reflects back heat also protects the interiors from UV rays.

Light Control You will also get plenty of light through these shades. When you require an uninterrupted flow of light, these shades stack up neatly at the top of the window, conveniently out

of view and out of way. You can also position these shades at any level to regulate the light flow. When lowered completely, these shades can let in light in a filtered way, depending on the type of fabric you have chosen. You get a choice of light-filtering fabrics, from sheer to room darkening ones.

Good Privacy These shades provide a lot of privacy. When drawn completely closed, these fabrics block the view completely from the outside. Now you can enjoy the peace and comfort of your interiors without the outside world intruding on your solitude.

Budget-Friendly– Pleated shades are also easy on your wallet. They definitely fall under the category of budget-friendly window treatment solutions. When compared to other solutions that fall under the same category, for instance, aluminum blinds or woven-wood blinds, these shades come in a softer and more aesthetically pleasing look.

Varied Design Options – Pleated shades are available in a wide range of design options. You can get them in woven grass to silk, providing a lot of textures to choose from. Moreover, pleated shades can be made to fit quite a few numbers odd-shaped windows.

Ease of Maintenance – These lightweight shades are very easy to operate and equally easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner is all you need to keep them in shape.

With so much going for it, these blinds are an ideal selection for your new summer look.

Some Gorgeous Pleated Shade Ideas

Go Minimum with Brown Pleated Shades– With a woven grass look pleated shades, you can achieve a soothing minimalistic look that works very well with tiny living room space. Pair the look with a sleek white leather sofa and smart brown armchairs. The beautiful pleated shades will take a center stage in the room, brightening the whole atmosphere with a soothing glow of the sun.

Be Bold with Red– Nothing attracts more than a sleek combination of red and black. If you have black window frames, dress them up in gorgeous red pleated shades and look at how smart they make the room look. You can team up the look with carefully chosen accessories that recreate the red and black combination throughout the space. Tone down the look with some deliberate use of the cream.

All White– If you need to nail that pristine summer look, go all white on the windows. With a wealth of light streaming in, you can add a liberal amount of natural greeneries, traditional furniture, and some earthen artifacts.

Harness the understated grace of pleated shades to carve out the brightest look for your home this summer.


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