Breakthrough Technologies that Can Make Motorcycle Rides Safer

August 16, 2022

Motorcycles are quite popular due to the feeling of excitement and freedom that comes with riding them. Still, they are not the safest vehicles out there. Even motorcycle riders who are careful and respect all the rules can be in danger – especially if drivers of passenger cars or other vehicles aren’t as responsible or fail to see the rider.

Every year, numerous motorcycle riders are involved in accidents, and there are more than 500 annual deaths resulting from such accidents in California. Injured individuals end up having to look for Hollister personal injury lawyers to help them get compensation for the damages suffered.

However, the number of accidents may decrease – and this is all thanks to technology. Here are some new technologies that can make it safer to ride motorcycles.

Monitors for Electronic Tire Pressure

Having proper tire pressure is a must – it gives your motorcycle more braking power and makes rides better and safer for you.

Luckily, with the new tire pressure monitoring system, you will always know how much pressure your two-wheeler’s tires have. The monitors will always check the pressure in the tires, using their temperature to estimate it.

Anti-Lock Braking System

The new anti-lock braking system allows the rider to slam on the brakes without the wheels locking up. Usually, when riders notice something on the road and slam their brakes to avoid it, the wheels lock up, which can make things dangerous for the person on the motorcycle.

Instead of locking up the wheels, the new system will decrease the brake pressure right as wheel lockup is about to occur. When your wheel gains traction again, the pressure will increase quickly.

Airbags That You Can Wear

Airbag systems are an integral part of vehicle safety nowadays. In cars, when a crash occurs, the airbags will quickly inflate and then deflate. As such, the passengers and the driver will have a soft cushion that protects them from deadly injuries.

Since motorcycles are different, there should be other ways to incorporate airbags. So, technology provided us with wearable airbags, which work incredibly well when the rider is part of a collision.

Motorcycle riders can get wearable airbags that keep their bodies safe when an accident occurs. The two-wheeler owner can wear a vest incorporating the airbag system. What’s cool about this is that you do not need to ride specific motorcycle models for the wearable airbag to work. It works with every motorcycle you have.

Better Helmets

Riding your motorcycle without a helmet would be a very dangerous ordeal. Head injuries can be fatal, so you should never ride if you don’t have a good helmet to prevent the risk of deadly injuries.

Newer helmets maybe even better from now on, as the designs have been improved. Not only are they more lightweight, but they are also made from better and more durable materials like carbon or fiberglass.

Apart from this, some helmets also come with various features like built-in GPS navigation, cameras, speakers, and even a real-time display that shows the rider what is happening behind him or her.

Improved Communication Systems

Do you ride together with other motorcycle riders, and you want to be able to send them a message without having to stop on the side of the road? Many automotive companies are working on this. They are trying to implement a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that allows you to send data and messages to the other riders.

Not only will this make communication easier, but it can also prevent accidents. Riders can always tell each other about route directions, as well as the condition of the road and any potential issues they have with their motorcycles.

Adaptive Headlights

Most motorcycles, especially older models, have fixed headlights that are usually low-beam ones. They only provide light ahead of the vehicle.

In the future, motorcycles will have adaptive headlights that will improve visibility by making the light pivot. This can be very useful in moments when the rider goes through darker areas.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle safety is a crucial aspect that all two-wheeler owners should consider. Sometimes, paying attention to the road and respecting all the rules is not enough. You never know what road conditions to expect and how people who drive cars will behave.

Fortunately, new technologies are making motorcycle rides much safer. You may consider taking advantage of them so you can always be safe.


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