Boost your iPhone security through these 5 outstanding apps

June 5, 2021

Your iPhone may be the most secure device that you own, but even the most reliable devices need some backup when it comes to sustaining privacy and security.

iPhones are widely known to have top-notch security. But we should never forget that iPhones are still tech gadgets, and most tech gadgets are prone to get breached by hackers, cyber intruders, or by apps themselves.

There have been proven data breaches even while users had the safest devices in their hands. What we mean by all this is that no one is safe in any condition, be it the best security features or a highly secure device in your hand. One needs to be vigilant at all times.

We need to secure our iOS device as much as we would secure any other device we own. One way to do that is by using a VPN. By using reliable safe free VPNs for iPhones or paid VPNs, you can greatly enhance the privacy of your iPhone.

Aside from using VPN apps, there are other apps too that any iPhone user can use to make their devices a little more secure.

We’ll look at some of the popular ones in this guide…

Why do we need security apps on our iPhones?

As we mentioned, we need some apps on our iPhones to protect ourselves from the big evil digital world filled with hackers, spies, and snoopers. iPhones are compatible with multiple security apps, which we can install on our devices and enjoy their premium security and privacy features.

These apps would protect us from the problems the internet brings in. For example, data storage. Data storage has become a business and is now taking place openly by cyber attackers, social media sites, and many other apps. This data can include your PII, location, bank details, where you went, what you talk about, etc. This information can then be used against you and can lead you into all sorts of trouble.

To avoid this, we have some apps that can be found or installed on an iPhone and will step up your security game by trillions. These security apps would keep us secure and put us a foot forward when it comes to excellent cybersecurity and privacy.

Five next-level cybersecurity apps that are going to boost your online privacy on your iPhone:

There are many security apps that one requires to keep our devices secure. When we talk about an iPhone, we mention all the best security apps that iPhone users can install on their phones to boost their mobile security. These apps are:

1. 1password:

One password is one fantastic password manager that can secure and save your passwords for you.

With all your passwords locked with a single master passkey, you can secure all your accounts with a strong password.

These strong passwords won’t let anyone enter any of your accounts. Hence, hacking and trespassing would become completely off-limits. This way, this app would work as a value addition on your device, rather than some useless app that only takes up space and offers nothing helpful.

2. iDiscrete:

One phenomenal app that can be used on an iPhone is iDiscrete. iDiscrete’s primary purpose is to protect all your data from hacks and attacks while keeping your data safe within itself.

Items that are usually stored in iDiscrete are pictures, videos, and documents. This app protects it all and keeps all users safe from any personal data stolen.

In a world where everyday data is getting stolen, getting an app like iDiscrete will only protect you from unseen damages. This way, you will be able to keep your iPhone completely secure using this fantastic app.

3. Surfshark VPN:

Surfshark is one of the best mobile VPN apps proven to keep users secure from the entire world. When cyberattacks took the world by storm, it was the VPNs that took users’ safety into their own hands by offering some fantastic features. These features were constructed to create the best privacy software for users.

Surfshark offers users ultimate privacy and security with its AES 256-bit encryption protocol. It also offers 3200+ servers in the world for users to connect to. Connecting to an alternate server makes websites and hackers believe that this is your actual IP address, and so, they end up collecting false information. VPNs trick websites this way.

Furthermore, Surfshark offers some top-notch security features to users. These include a no-logs policy that promises that the service would not collect any user logs of its own. It also offers a kill switch that tends to disconnect a user’s wifi connection if the VPN connection drops, keeping the user utterly safe from all data leaks.

With all these features, this VPN offers users the best privacy and security on their iPhones. In case you’re wondering, Surfshark offers an easy-to-use app for all iPhone users out there.

4. Webroot SecureWeb:

This is one secure browsing app that is the best security browser you can download on your phone. This browser offers safe browsing to users and keeps you away from all malicious websites.

You must be thinking, how can a browser do that? Well, this browser instantly analyzes the history of URLs and how reputable the website is. If it’s not, it simply lets you avoid that URL, so the malware never reaches your phone.

In a world where advanced secure browsers are so hard to find, Webroot is the one you need for your iPhone device.

5. Intego VirusBarrier iOS:

This app works exactly like antivirus/antimalware for the iPhone. It will scan your device, documents, and folders for all kinds of viruses when you prompt it.

While it costs almost nothing, this app is undoubtedly helpful if you transfer files from any other device to your iPhone all the time. To stop all hazardous files from circulating the web, this app is something you can use to curb it.


According to security research Jeffrey Paul, Apple puts in quite a lot of time keeping their devices free from malware so users can remain and feel safe. But you still require a few security apps for some added protection. These are some of the best applications you need to step up your security game on your iOS device to protect it. These user-friendly apps will look out for you even when you’re clumsy with yourself. Until then, stay safe.


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