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July 13, 2020

What Is Software Reporter Tool?

Many people get lost when they hear two names Software Reporter Tool and Chrome Cleanup Tool. The first question that pops up in mind is that, What is the difference between these two tools? So here is the answer in this article. Actually, Chrome Cleanup Tool (CCT) is nothing different from Software Reporter Tool (SRT). Both are same but CCT is formerly known as SRT and now it is not available for download.

Software Reporter Tool is a file named software_reporter_tool.exe that automatically downloads when you install chrome. To see this file one needs to search for it under swReporter folder in the chrome app data folder. All your profile, passwords, bookmarks and other user information are saved in Chrome app data folder. As this tool is digitally approved by google with description Chrome Cleanup Tool so you don’t need to worry about SRT.

What Is the Need Of Software Reporter Tool?

Software Reporter tool enhances the work environment by monitoring your chrome install and experience. It is a Google Chrome Standalone process that ensures that no add-ons interfere in the normal functioning of the browser. This tool doesn’t require internet connectivity but it is mostly used by the browser in order to recognize unwanted programs that may conflict with it. So we can say that this tool is totally safe. Moreover, to clear doubts you can also go to exe.file to check its authenticity. Google LLC should be present in the Signature list.

More precisely, the only job of this tool is to report chrome about all those disturbing apps that may not be working efficiently with the chrome browser. For completing this task it scans the system to check for deadly elements. It runs only once a week and scanning takes approximately 20 minutes so don’t get annoyed. Also don’t worry about data it would not be affected during the scanning process. After receiving reports, chrome instructs the user to use Cleanup Tool to remove those problematic programs.

How To Disable Or Stop Software Reporter Tool?

During this process, you may experience high CPU usage which can actually slow down your system and because of this many people might want to disable it. A message prompts that Software Reporter tool has stopped working whenever this type of case exists.

Luckily, stopping this process is not a big deal and it only requires to follow some simple steps.

STEP 1: Whether you are using a new or old version of Windows. You will find Software Reporter Tool in the given address:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter\VERSION\software_reporter_tool.exe

STEP 2: As I told you it is pretty straightforward to remove, delete or uninstall the entire content of the software_reporter_tool.exe or it would be great if you rename the executable file. All these methods are easy but temporary because after doing this Google will again start pushing Software Reporter Tool to link back again with the system. This is going to happen every time you update the web browser which is necessary for better working.

Permanent Method

Then let’s do something more viable that is to stop permissions so that no other person has access to open the file. If you wish to do so, here are the following steps which are in the form of A, B, C to avoid confusion.

A- Now you know that Software Reporter Tool is found under swReporter folder, right-click on that and choose properties.

B- Switch to the security tab under properties dialog box that appears.

C- Next in the line is to choose “Advanced” and expand it. Then click on ” Disable Inheritance” option.

D- Two options would be available for you as shown in the below image and in that you need to select the second one that is “Remove all inherited permissions from this object”. You are in the end just wait for confirmation. This action will remove all inherited permissions.

E- All done, and finally Apply and click on the OK button. All the permissions have been removed until now so no updates would be applied for it.

So this was a simple technique to disable Software Reporter Tool permanently. Even if you want to revert the process you are free to do this. For this just run Chrome update again and this will do your work.

High Disk Usage Due To It

The high disk usage is the main reason why people want to remove Software Reporter Tool. However, it runs only once a week but still, it makes the system very unresponsive. It scans for 20 minutes and that is enough to do the damage. Not only it takes 100% processor but also high power which can also cause heating of the CPU.


In spite of the fact that I have tried to make all my points clear in front of you all but still if there is a problem of 1%, you are totally free to ask in the comments section. We would love to answer them. The article is fully distributed with images to present a better picture and for more clarity. Hopefully, now you will be able to remove Software Reporter Tool easily.


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