Best Ways to Secure Your Digital Wallet from Digital Abuses


By increasing the demand for bitcoin, bitcoin digital abuses or threats are also increasing. A lot of bitcoin scammers or fraudsters are in search of security bugs. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that signifies it does not sanction third-parties involution. Once you lose your bitcoin, you cannot get it back because no bitcoin support will help you get it back.

On the other hand, fiat currency is the regulated currency which means banks are responsible if you lose your money in a bank account. Still, you are the owner of your bitcoin in bitcoin, and no third parties are responsible. So without wasting time, let’s check the best ways to secure your bitcoin wallet from digital abuse. This article will discuss the security measures that you should keep in mind before using a bitcoin wallet.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is a virtual place for storing, sending, and receiving these digital coins from one bitcoin wallet to another. It is similar to a physical purse to store physical cash or coins, but bitcoin wallets exist only virtually. There are variants of bitcoin wallets available in the cyber world, such as paper wallets, hardware wallets, web-predicated wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, exchange wallets, etc.

What are the digital abuses?

According to the blockchain, millions of bitcoin users do more than three lakh bitcoin transactions regularly. By increasing the popularity of bitcoin, threats are also increasing. You know that if there are good people, there are also bad people who are bitcoin scammers or fraudsters. There are a lot of popular scams on bitcoin, such as Ponzi schemes, social media scams, malware or virus injecting, sim swap or phishing attract, etc.

Ways to keep your wallet secure:-

There are the following ways that should use to keep your bitcoin wallet safe and secure given below:-

  1. Password feature:- There are a lot of bitcoin wallets available on the internet and challenging to choose from. Choose a bitcoin wallet with a password feature. Some wallets provide a password feature, and some wallets do not provide a password feature. Password means securing your wallet with the app password layer. Check the for more information.
  2. Secure internet connection:- Many people get excited when they connect their internet connection for free. Unfortunately, some scammers or hackers open the internet so that anybody can connect and use it, and they can steal their personal information available on mobile devices. Always use the internet connection you know is secure, and do not use the unknown public wifi whether it is free.
  3. Untrusted websites:- There are a lot of websites on the internet that will inject malware into your computer or mobile devices, and you must know these websites. Websites without HTTPS are not secure websites, and Google will show them as not secure websites. You must not fill in your personal information on these websites if you want to secure your wallet.
  4. Antivirus:- You must install trusted antivirus software on your computer or mobile device to secure the bitcoin wallet. I recommend you go with paid software if you want complete security of your computer or mobile device.
  5. Safe Private key:- If you are using an offline wallet such as a paper wallet or hardware wallet, then you should keep your private key in a safe place because a private key is very crucial, and if anyone accesses it, then they can steal your bitcoins.
  6. Crack applications:- Many people do not want to take a subscription or spend money on applications or software. Instead, they seek crack applications on the internet. These crack applications include malware or viruses. When you install them on your computer, the crackers can see all the information on your computer. So you should not use crack software if you are serious about security.
  7. 2-Step authentication:- Whether you are using a desktop bitcoin wallet or mobile wallet, you must use 2-step authentication. It is the best security feature in the wallet. Some bitcoin wallets also provide it. When you log in to your bitcoin wallet, it will send a code to your mobile number or email address or on your mobile phone. Again, Google assistance is the best way of securing your bitcoin wallet.


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