Best Way to Keep Hair Out of the Drain

January 27, 2023

Experiencing hair clogs is a nuisance and is one of the prevalent forms of clogs. Hair can develop in your drains over time, causing unsightly lumps that substantially slow down your drain lines, despite installing a drain stopper. Undeniably, nobody likes to remove the wet accumulated hair from the shower, tub, or bathroom sink. 

While in the middle of the shower and the water starts pooling on the floor, you groan, realizing you’ll have to remove that nasty gathered hair by sticking your fingers down the drain. However, the best way to avoid unpleasant damp hair is by keeping your bathroom drains hair-free. Consider getting the drain inspection from a certified and experienced plumbing company in Oakland to ensure the unclogged drains.

Here we have enlisted straightforward measures you can implement to remove the clog, enabling your drain to flow freely again. 

Things you should do if you have a hair clog

Before plunging your hair, apply baking soda and vinegar to the clog:

Baking soda and vinegar is the most effective method to eradicate various clogs, including hair clogs. Pour a tad of dish soap down your drain with a cup of vinegar and baking soda. After waiting five minutes for the combination to effervesce, pour the hot water down the drain. While this method will eliminate most hair blockage, you should use a plunger on the drain to remove the remaining hair. Also, ensure you use a cup or flat plunger. However, if the problem persists, repeat the process.   

Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to clear the hair from the drain:

Hair’s fibrous texture might make it hard to pull out. Alternatively, you can use tweezers to drag it out if the plunger hasn’t removed the hairy clog. Commence by removing the drain stopper if you have one. However, while you can accomplish this manually in certain instances, you might need a screwdriver owing to your drain’s layout. 

Subsequently, get a sneak peek at the clog by putting a flashlight into your drain, enabling you to use your needle-nose plier to extract the nasty hair deposit. Remember to wear gloves during this process since pulling hair can be unpleasant. Also, pour the water down the drain once finished to clear out any emerging hairs. If the clog is stubborn and can’t be cleared, call the drain cleaning Oakland, CA, professionals to examine the issue and fix it.

Comb your hair away from the drains:

Brushing your hair before showering or bathing may help prevent the loose hairs from becoming wet and sticky and ending up in the drain. When shaving, use a bib or similar item to retain hair clipping.

Install drain guards:

Consider installing drain guards to collect the hair strands while precluding them from entering drains. Clean the drain guard periodically and dispose of the accrued hair in the garbage to ensure steady water flow. Use a washcloth to prevent pet hair out of the drains. However, you might need drain snaking if you experience hair clipping in the drain guards.

Drain maintenance:

Drains coated with soap scum and other filth are conducive for blockages to occur. Maintaining your drain lines spotless is an effective method for preventing blockages. Periodically, pour white vinegar and baking soda down your drains, followed by hot water once the fizzing stops.


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