10 Best Quicken Alternatives in 2019 [Start for Free]

March 20, 2019

Quicken has been the personal favorite finance program of people for almost three decades. And with each passing year, the program has tried to incorporate some new interesting features for the users but has fallen short of dealing with the technical troubles. And so there came a need to look for Quicken Alternatives to monitor the spending, credit scores and investment in a clunky free manner. There are some great Quicken replacements that you will find, but here we are with the top ones, and some of them are actually free.

Replacing the only personal financial tool available is difficult. However, there are some more tools that are considered the best money management tools. Check out the best Quicken Alternatives for Mac or Windows with which you can manage your money efficiently.

What is Quicken?

Intuit developed Quicken in 1982, a personal finance software, which soon became the granddaddy of personal financing. With the basic version of Quicken you can track and pay bills, import transactions automatically, set up the bill alerts, create budgets, categorize your spending and also gives you a credit score. There are various versions of Quicken available, whose range start from $40 up to $165.

For so many years, Quicken was the talk of the town and the only tool of its kind, but with increasing competition, Intuit sold it off recently. Intuit, apart from Quicken also owns Mint and so has shifted its focus to the cloud-based service of Mint from the Quicken’s old school desktop software.

Top 10 Quicken Alternatives

There are many Quicken alternatives, but since these services manage your money it is better to be careful then take any risks. Here are the best Quicken Alternatives for small business as well as personal accounts.

Personal Capital- Free Investment and Management App

The first money management software of Personal Capital. It is amongst the top picks of a lot of people. It is a free app for online investment and management. By opening an account with Personal Capital, you can start tracking your money. Just link your financial accounts and you are good to go.

An interesting alternative for Quicken Personal Capital imports your financial transactions and aligns your spending with your budget. It is a very powerful investment management software which tracks the asset allocation, analyze your fees and monitors your investment performance. The app evens takes your retirement goals into consideration and likewise estimate the retirement expenditures and income according to your financial data.

With the incredibly user-friendly interface, is definitely the best Quicken alternative when compared to the other apps.

Mint- Free Quicken Alternative

Mint.com is the most favorite app of those who don’t want to leave Quicken as both of them are quite similar. With Mint you can manage all your accounts at one place. You just need to link your account and leave everything to Mint. It will automatically track your complete financial life. With the Mint app’s budgeting software, you can track your investments and also view the categorized your expenses.

Mint Bills is another interesting feature with which one can monitor their monthly bills and clear all of them through the app. And what’s better than getting all these fun features for free. So with automated bill payment, Mint is a better budgeting and expense tracking app than Quicken.

Tiller- Spreadsheet-Based Finance Tool

Tiller is the next personal finance tool works in integration with Google Sheets. This financial tracking tool is relatively new when compared to the others on the list. It offers limitless customization options, and so you can tweak, and tailor it according to your need. By linking your accounts with Tiller, the app automatically imports all data of your financial transactions into spreadsheets.

There are multiple budgeting templates and accordingly, you can create spreadsheets. Try the 30 days free trial period, followed by %$ per month subscription. And if you are a student you can enjoy Tiller for free for one year.

YNAB- Effective Budgeting App

Another easy to use budgeting software is YNAB aka You Need a Budget app. The software basically focuses on four principle-

  1. Give every dollar a job
  2. Roll with the punches
  3. Embrace your true expenses, and
  4. Age your Money

And so YNAB builds a realistic budget for you and then tracks your spending. And it is very good in its work because its philosophy says that budget is fluid and so should adjust according to the situations in our lives. YNAB gives you two options- either you can link your account and let the software update your transactions automatically, or you can do it manually. We would suggest you go for the automated mode as it will make things easier and simpler.

There is a 34-day free trial period that means you can enjoy budgeting for one complete month without any kind of commitment or paying any fee. This is followed by a monthly fee of $6.99 that is billed annually. And just like the previous software, the students can enjoy free service for one complete year. Sounds cool, right.

MoneyDance- The Most Affordable Quicken Alternative

Another Quicken Alternative that is viable and affordable is MoneyDance. It is not as popular as the others listed here, but it is definitely different from them. Yes, it doesn’t rely on the cloud. In case you are currently using Quicken and thinking of switching then you can easily import it to MoneyDance. Till now it was just a desktop app, but now it is also available on mobile.

The interface of MoneyDance resembles that of a check register where you can easily record your transactions. You can either import them automatically or register it manually. MoneyDance also offers the automated bill payment option. Just like other apps, you can also track your expenditures and also create a budget accordingly.

An interactive graphics tool and Extension Developer Kit are the highlights of this stock and investment monitoring software. There is no fixed free trial period like the previously mentioned apps. But in this case, you are limited to a 100 manual transaction.

CountAbout- Web Based Quicken Alternative

The next Quicken alternative is CountAbout which is a web-based, personal finance software. It is another strong contender which supports the import of data from both Mint and Quicken. Create a customizable budget and sync your account in order to automatically import all your transactions. You get a track of all the spending and view it as a snapshot or analyze the full financial reports as well.

This is also the Quicken alternative for Chromebook and offers two membership options. If you want to try CountAbout and check if it suits you, you can try the 14-day free trial. Otherwise, you can either take the basic plan of $9.99 per year or the premium plan which will cost you $39.99 per year.

Banktivity- Quicken Alternative for Mac

Another excellent choice is Banktivity that you can try, as a replacement for Quicken. With this finance software, you can connect your bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards and even investment accounts. That’s it. Now Banktivity will manage your entire financial year. For some, this was not as perfect as others, but the app is still workable.

With the “Find” feature of Banktivity 6, you can easily search the transaction you are looking for. This specific feature, helps you save your time. There is a free trial period of 30 days, without the requirement of a credit card. And if you like the services and Bankitivity suits you, you can give a onetime fee of $64.99 and purchase the desktop app. Or you can even download this Quicken alternative for Mac on your iPhone or iPad.


Quicken has lost its charm in the market and many other apps have replaced it. There is a wide variety of personal finance software available in the market. We have tried to compile varied Quicken Alternatives in this list. The financial tools will differ according to your preferences and so choose accordingly. If you have any query, do let us know in the comment section.


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