Best QR Code Generators in 2023: A Complete Comparison Review

August 15, 2023

This tool can serve many purposes and ease your life in many ways. From making sharing network and contact details easily to allowing businesses to share menus and contents, such a tool can assist you in every aspect. You can also use QR codes for sharing online meeting invitations, etc.

The important thing here is finding the right tool to get things done, and in this comparison review, we will discuss the top 5 generator free online tools you can choose from.

Part 1. Top 5 QR Code Generators [updated]

Here are our top 5 picks for free QR code online tools you can use in 2023 for personal and business needs.

HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator

HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator is an intuitive QR generator focusing on more than basic QR code generation. It has artificial intelligence capabilities that make QR code animation, customization, and design extremely easy for you. Hence, you can generate unique and attractive QR codes for marketing or branding that always stand out.

Key Features:

  • AI QR code generation
  • Generate QR codes without designing or programming
  • Diverse preset of art styles available

QR Code Generator

It is one of the best QR code generator online free options that you can select if you only require to generate static QR codes. It brings all the basic functionalities in the free version, including scan tracking, so you can learn how your QR code performs for its intended usage. While it brings all basic features, it provides rich customization options to make your QR codes unique.

Key Features:

  • Optional scan-tracking analytics
  • Download the QR code as an image, PDF, and more
  • Over 12 data types are supported, including Bitcoin.

QR Tiger

With QR Tiger, you can generate static and dynamic QR codes. What makes it one of the best QR code generator online free tools is that the QR codes do not contain ads. Hence, whoever scans them gets a great experience. It especially adds much value for your customers if you use it for restaurant menus or business marketing.

Key Features:

  • Multi-URL QR code generation supported
  • Editing supported for dynamic QR codes
  • Analysis


ForQRCode is the right free online QR code generator for those who want a quick experience. Here you can generate codes that do not automatically expire unless the information at their backend goes bad. Even when it is free and offers quick generation, you don’t have to compromise on basic-level customization options.

Key Features:

  • Download flexibility that supports formats other than PNG
  • QR code generation with several data types
  • In-depth QR code design customization


Scanova’s free online QR code generator focuses on a comprehensive experience for the code-generating process and uses experience. The interface is very well-designed, making code generation easy for beginners. Even generating unique QR codes like Geolocation codes with pinpoint precision is extremely easy. You may use it to generate attractive mobile landing pages targeting specific audiences.

Key Features:

  • Update content in Dynamic QR codes after the generation
  • Detailed analytics for better lead generation
  • Easier retargeting and custom landing pages supported

Part 2. How to choose the best QR Code generator?

Choosing the right online generator can be the key factor in improving or worsening your experience. Even if you are choosing a free QR code generator online, it is important to consider several aspects, as discussed below:


When selecting a free online QR code generator, the first thing to check is the feature set. Even when the tool is free, it must not miss out on any important features, whether it is about using a unique data type or some customization options. Some essential features to look for in a QR generator include:

  • Static and dynamic code generation
  • Multi-function code generation
  • In-depth customization


When you use a QR code for business purposes, getting analytics and tracking functionality can help you see how well your QR code performs. It can provide data like time, location, and number of scans. You can design your marketing campaigns accordingly for the best results.


The interface of these tools plays an important role in effective QR code generation. Some tools contain the best features, but their interface is poorly designed. So, you must check the interface of the tool that you select.


Ensure the generator doesn’t keep or improperly utilize the data collected from or included in the QR code if you’re embedding sensitive information or worried about user data. Making sure the service provider is dependable and won’t go offline and making your QR codes worthless is crucial.


Although several free QR code generators are accessible, some may have restrictions like watermarks, a lack of analytics, or a restricted customization ability. More features and no branding could be available in premium or paid versions. Compare the expenses to the features you need.

Part 3. FAQ

What is the safest QR Code?

The safest QR code is generated using trusted and reliable generators. Such generators keep your information private and never share it with other users. Such QR codes are also safe from links containing malware or harmful sites.

Does a QR Code expire?

There are two types, static QR codes are the first type, and they contain information that does not change. It may include Wi-Fi connection information, contact details, etc. Such codes do not expire but become useless once the information at their backend changes. The other one is a dynamic QR code; some generators provide the feature of expiring dynamic QR codes after a certain limit.

Can I generate a QR Code for free?

Yes, it is very easy to generate your QR code for free. All you need to do is to find a QR code generator online or offline tool that provides free usage. Using that tool, you can easily generate your QR codes for free.


In the modern marketing world, QR codes hold an important space for advertising and offering a better experience to teams and customers. So, if you also want your business to cope-up with the current trends, it is important to use QR codes to your benefit. For this, you must first choose an online QR code generator.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to select the best option. If you want your QR codes to stand out, choosing HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator will be a good choice. This online QR code generator helps you generate QR codes that are rich in functionality and look attractive, unlike other QR codes.


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