11 Best Prank Call Websites to Prank Call for Free

November 7, 2020

What can be better than calling up your friends at late hours from unknown numbers and asking them when they would be picking up their five kids, who are now ready for adoption? Yup, pranks!!! In this article, you will find 11 Best Prank Call Websites.

11 Best Prank Call Websites for Free

Prank calls are one of the most entertaining modes of fooling around with friends. But to make it all the better for you and worse for your victim/friend, we bring you a list of prank-call websites with loads of ideas and features. These will surely make your prank call a successful one.

1. Comedy Calls

This website remains updated with the latest updates in the meme world and comes up with innovative prank call ideas. All you need to do is put in your friend’s number and select a recorded prank call.  That should do the trick of either cracking up or confusing your friend. It also has the option of a get-call credit, allowing you to purchase call credits at different prices. If the jokes or calls are not that productive or are not appreciated by your victim, all you need to do is click on the “STOP UNWANTED CALLING” option.



While Comedy Calls is a free website, it also has a premium version that has several privileges that can send your prank call over the top. To know more about this premium version, refer to the link.

2. Prank Dial

This one is a little different as it has different genres for prank call recordings like love, insult, angry, sexy, annoying, and enumerable other options. So you know precisely what you are getting yourself and your friend into.

Some of the pre-recorded ones are also customizable, which means you get to have more fun with your slight modifications and inside jokes.  It allows you to hear some funny recorded reactions from prank calls too! It can be downloaded on iOs and Android as well, for free.



3. Prank Hotline

You can select pre-recorded pranks to send to your friends and have loads of fun listening to their reactions. It allows you a “block my number” option if the calls become one too many and gives you a variety of funny reactions to view, so it becomes easier to find a perfect recorded call to get the best reaction from your friend.

This website allows you to have three free calls, after which the others are paid. So get going!


4. SpoofBox

Create scenarios and make funny phone calls to your friends. The “live delivery” scenario seems to be a popular one amongst the users. Spoofbox is a central space to use fake apps such as spoof phone calls, text messages, fake emails and even gives you a fake number to protect your privacy. It has loads of features like- Fake image location, photo editor, fake data, trash mail, phone checker, spoof fax.

To explore these and several more features, check out this website now!


5. Fake My Phone

This prank-calling website is super cool. It allows you fake phone calls, fake messages, fake emails, and also fake WhatsApp texts. It creates a fake caller Id, anonymous phone calls, changes voice and text to speech, adds sound effects, records your calls, group calls, and it is entirely safe and secure. It allows you to change the country you are operating in to improve the authenticity of your prank calls.

This one is not exactly free but comes at cheap prices containing different amounts of credits. It is available on Android as well as iOs.


6. PrankOwl

Like every other prank calling website, it allows you to make fake caller ids, but this website has several unique features. One of them is “Operator Prank,” where you make one friend call the other friend without them knowing what’s happening.

You can make calls from fake numbers and limit the duration of the call.

You get free tokens for three calls of 30 seconds each, and then, you can avail to buy credits or purchase the premium version of Prank owl.


7.  Prank Caller

You get three free prank calls every 24 hours. This app allows you to send scripted prank calls to your friends and listen to their reactions live.

Like most other prank-call websites, it also has a “block my number” option, making it a safer option. You also get a wide variety of recorded pranks to choose from.


8. Prank Call Panda

It claims to be the “World’s No 1 ” prank calling app. It is available on Android and iOs. The uniqueness of this one is highlighted by its feature of making soundboard prank calls with scenarios by Top US comedians.

It allows you to listen to the reactions live and send phrases from the soundboard. You can select your caller ID, and your calls get recorded automatically. You start with a few free credits, and if they run out, all you need to do is wait for the next because you get free credits every day!!

It does sound, like the best prank calling app, right?


9. Genie Calls

You get an endless variety of recorded messages with smart-voice recognition to ensure that you have entirely fooled the hell out of your friend.

You can also have multiple friends call each other and listen to the confusion that ensues. During your call, you can use effects from the soundboard.

It grants you a certain amount of free credits per day.


10. Wacky Prank Calls

Another Famous prank call website is Wacky Prank Calls. You can choose from a selection of wind-up calls to fool your friends and family.

The coolest thing is that you can shout, scream and laugh out loud because they will not be able to hear you while you slyly listen to their confused reactions. The smart voice recognition feature replies to the victim, making the prank call more realistic and funny.

It starts at 1.02 Euros/min from a landline and maybe more for mobile phones.


11. FoxyCall

Like other prank-calling websites, you can make up a fake caller id or sender id and send fake messages and fake calls. The unique feature is the modification of the voice. There is no way that your friend will recognize that it is you, doing the tom-foolery.


11 Prank Call sites that you should try

So let’s sum it all up here, once and for all-

  1. Comedy calls
  2. Prank Dial
  3. Prank hotline
  4. Spoofbox
  5. Prank Owl
  6. Fake My Phone
  7. Prank Caller
  8. Prank Call Panda
  9. Genie Calls
  10. Wacky prank calls
  11. Foxy Calls

We hope that these websites help you make up the best prank calls ever, capture and record the funniest responses from your victims, and help you make more memories. Just be careful and responsibly use them.


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