Best Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam & Hybrid Mattresses

September 27, 2022

Are you unsure of what to look for in your next mattress? With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, a pocket-sprung mattress, or the best hybrid mattress on the market, our short guide may be able to help.

What is a pocket-sprung mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress is a more traditional mattress type. It contains individual springs, each of which is sewn into its own pocket, helping to provide better support for the body and relieve pressure on different touch points. These are designed to move with you during the night, moving around your body and providing support all night long. These typically come in medium or firm options.

There are a number of benefits to a pocket sprung mattress, such as no motion transfer so you shouldn’t wake up your partner when moving in the night, full-body support, firmness of the mattress, and pressure relief on your joints. However, in the future, the springs could start to squeak or become uncomfortable, and they may be too firm, depending on how you like to sleep.

Some of the best-selling mattresses that are pocket-spring include Slientnight Sofia 1200 Mirapocket Mattress and the Millbrook Wool Luxury 4000 Pocket Mattress.

What is a memory foam mattress?

First designed by NASA in the mid-1960s to support astronauts on exiting and entering the Earth, the memory foam mattress has become a firm favorite across the globe. The idea of a memory foam mattress is that the heat of your body will ultimately contour the mattress into your shape, remembering your best sleeping position to provide comfort and support all night long. A memory foam mattress can help to provide pressure-point relief, can transfer movement in the body, and is also dust-mite resistant in most cases.

There are a number of benefits to memory foam mattresses, such as great pressure relief, contouring, no squeaking in the future as well as minimizing motion transfer. However, memory foam can trap heat and has a lack of temperature regulation, can sag over time, and it could make you feel a little ‘stuck.’

Some of the best memory foam mattresses include Nectar Mattress, Silk & Snow Mattress, Loom & Leaf Mattress, and Bear Original.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is what it says on the tin – it’s a combination of two different mattress styles providing the best of both worlds. They are typically made with springs like a pocket sprung mattress but will feature a comfort layer such as memory foam to provide more support and comfort. The comfort layer is more likely to be made of foam or latex. Generally, the hybrid mattress is more durable than the memory foam and offers higher levels of temperature regulation due to the coils providing more airflow.

The main benefits of a hybrid mattress are its versatility and its ability to offer both high levels of comfort as well as support for joints and back. They are also typically good value for money and offer a breathable solution.

Some of the most popular hybrid mattresses include Dreamcloud, Emma, and Simba.


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