Best Phone Case Brands 2024

March 28, 2024

Considering most high-end phones cost over $1,000, a quality protective case is a smart choice for everyone.

If you’re searching for the best protection for your phone, we’ve identified the top five brands. Here they are:

  • OtterBox: The top choice
  • UAG: Next best option
  • SUPCASE: Great for those on a budget
  • CaseFace: Top pick for design

1. OtterBox: The Best Overall Protective Phone Case Brand

OtterBox is a well-known brand, offering protection for over 20 years. They provide cases for a wide range of devices, including all iPhone models, and many Samsung, and Google Pixel devices. While they tend to be pricier, deals are available on Amazon.


  • Wide device compatibility
  • Long warranty period
  • Trusted brand


  • Higher cost

OtterBox cases are some of the best on the market, offering up to seven years of warranty.

2. UAG: A Great Alternative

UAG offers protective cases with a military-inspired design, including the use of Kevlar and carbon fibre. They are a bit cheaper than OtterBox and cover a broad range of devices.


  • Extensive device range
  • More affordable than OtterBox
  • Excellent protection


  • Design may not appeal to all
  • Warranty details can be unclear

UAG cases are more affordable and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. SUPCASE: Best Budget Option

SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro series is known for its affordability and protection. Starting at $25.99, these cases offer great drop protection along with features like a built-in kickstand and screen protector.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great protection
  • Supports many devices


  • Some models lack wireless charging support
  • Bulkier design

Despite a one-year warranty, the affordability makes SUPCASE a great option.

4. CaseFace: The Best Design

CasesFace offers a balance between protection, style, and affordability. Their case range includes slim, clear cases to rugged models, appealing to various tastes without bulkiness.


  • Stylish designs
  • Wide device compatibility
  • Two-year warranty


  • Less protection in cheaper models

Spigen is perfect for those who value style and protection.

Final Thoughts

A protective case is better than none, but brands like OtterBox, UAG, and SUPCASE offer extra security. If design is a priority, consider CaseFace


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