6 Best Kodi Alternatives for Windows and Android in 2019

September 12, 2018

Kodi is the speech of the Web and with good reason. It is easily the most robust and flexible media center in the world, allowing you to do everything from managing your media library home to using additional components for streaming content from around the world. There’s nothing like it, but sometimes it’s good to have an alternative. So, in this Article you will find the list of some of the Best Kodi Alternatives that are worth trying.

After all, Kodi’s interface is not great and sometimes you need to make some changes to get the best out of it. So, why not try some other alternatives?

In this article we will examine the best Kodi alternatives on the three main platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free open source software designed application specifically for home entertainment and it is perfect if you are a fan of movies, sports, live sports and TV shows. Although it is originally created for Microsoft Xbox and called the Xbox Media Center (XBMC), Kodi has continued to evolve, creating a community of its own.

More and more add-ons for the popular Kodi broadcast service are closing up following some serious court cases against Kodi. As the crackdown on illegal transmission continues, Kodi users are increasingly worried and looking for alternatives for Kodi application so here are some best alternatives for you.

Best Kodi alternatives

So in this article we would love to explain some good kodi alternatives that you can install them in your PCs, android and TV box.

It is important to use a VPN while using Kodi or any of these Kodi alternatives!

1. Stremio

Stremio is my best choice to broadcast films and series. Through this service, users can watch new movies, interesting TV shows, live daily TV shows, channels, series, etc from many different platforms, all from a single screen.

In addition, the service ensures that all videos of all formats are of high quality. The service also promises to offer an excellent viewing experience with additional features such as casting support or subtitle support.

It allows you to create your personal library where you can place all your favorite shows or movies. Of course, the service is available for most of your devices and you can synchronize the libraries on all the devices. It has the Linvo database which ensures that the data is organized correctly in each device.

Kokotime, one of the most innovative media centers, is a dedicated Android application that allows you to browse files on your home network, read your playlists carefully and transmit them to your Android device (or any device with which your Android is broadcast).

Kokotime does a great job organizing the media stored in his network, both for the genre and for the evaluation that has been given to him.

It has Chromecast support, but it’s actually better with a feature called Universal Cast through this it is capable of streaming media content from storage devices to the phone or to any output device connected to the network. Although quite young, Kokotime has a decent stock of third-party add-ons that will probably increase over time.

3. Plex

Plex is basically the streaming alternative to Kodi, which is available in both free and paid versions. The difference is, as you probably can guess, in some additional features offered by the paid package. So if you want these additional features, the paid version starts at $ 4.99 a month.

Plex allows you to view and manage multimedia files via a multi-dimensional interface. It has a group of channels similar to Kodi add-ons and these channels allow you to broadcast different contents. Furthermore, it can also be run on low-power computers. The software manages all trans-coding media for transmission to various devices. This is the most popular Kodi alternative.

This application has a simple presentation, which allows you to transmit multimedia content between different devices and even software within such devices, such as web browsers. Universal Media Server has DLNA support, as well as alternative transmission options for non-DLNA devices and is able to transmit (and quickly transcode) content between computers, game consoles, and smart TVs.

It’s not the easiest software to install, but once you get there, the whole process of consolidating your media is nice and fluid. It has a small but solid selection of add-ons, and more tech-savvy users can even configure it for webcasting.

5. Terrarium TV (Closes on September 2018)

Terrarium TV is an Android application for real TV shows or movie fans. It allows you to transmit, view and download all your favorite content on your devices, in HD at 1080p and all this for FREE! The most remarkable thing about this ingenious application is that most of the content is transmitted by Google Drive or Google Video, which means that there is an additional level of privacy in relation to media exploration.

However, if you really want to protect yourself, you should consider VPN protection. Playback in this application is smooth, high quality and intuitive. The interface is quite minimalist but it does the job and you can enjoy your multimedia files well enough.

Emby has long been considered the open source alternative for Plex Media Server. Just Like Plex, Emby also runs on a server and has official support for Macbook, Windows, BSD and Linux server operating systems. You can access media through the web interface or many of the Emby applications available for mobile devices and even game consoles. If you’ve tried Plex as an alternative to Kodi but want to try something new, consider this application.


Kodi is on many PCs, tablets and even hobby cards like the Raspberry Pi. However, this software is not for everyone.

Some may find that it lacks a little bit in terms of appearance or features.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on some quality Kodi alternatives. From Plex to terrarium application, for those wishing to leave Kodi and want something else for same good experience, this list has already talked about it.


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