30 Best GTA San Andreas Mods [2019 List]

September 25, 2020

No matter which the latest version of GTA is, many of us are still in love with San Andreas. Infact, this game is still being played in large number. To make the experience much better, there are numerous GTA San Andreas Mods available to download.

This article is all about Mods as we share some of the Best GTA San Andreas Mods. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best GTA San Andreas Mods in 2019

GTA San Andreas is a video game which is a part of Grand Theft Auto series. It is a single player game which can be played individually on a computer or a laptop. The players are expected to complete the missions that come from time to time so as to establish their sole dominance in the entire city, which is virtual. To do all the missions lawfully is not an easy task and hence, mods have been made to facilitate the gamers. Here are the 30 best GTA San Andreas mods that have ever been made. Please have a look at each one of them.

1. Multiplayer Mod

Having a multiplayer mode is a lot more fun than roaming around the mean streets alone and bored. In order to get rid of this feeling, the multiplayer mode has been introduced. This free MMO game has been created exclusively for the PC version of GTA San Andreas. It allows you to be a proper gangster with your entire gang in action, which makes this one of the best GTA San Andreas mod.

Download: Multiplayer Mod

2. Zombie Alarm

This mod will win you over if you love blood, gory, undead, dead, murder, just name it. They turn cities into wastelands and undead rise above everyone else. This mod is quite impressive because you can wipe out zombies using powerful weapons. Zombies are a really popular tool for making a game one of the best GTA San Andreas mods, which is also because of the high detailing and perfection brought out on this fantasy land. All this just so people who are hungry for zombie games can live out their dream.

Download: Zombie Alarm

3. Pimp My Car

Seeking attention is always fun, isn’t it? Do you want heads to turn when you drive around the corner with a sweet ride? In this mod of GTA, you can make changes in your vehicle in many ways. Things like colours, wheels, hyperspeed, NOS, seaways, neon feature, lights and whatnot. Makes it one of the best mods out there for GTA San Andreas. According to the instructions of this mod, you can save up to 10 cars and make your ride look more than just presentable. You can also add a police light or a missile gun, make trips across the state and have long distance drives.

Download: Pimp My Car

4. ENB Series

This San Andreas Graphic mod lets you make realistic effects that make your game look brand new. It has several improvements and new effects that come with some hardware options too. You have the option of depth and visual perception as well. Besides, you can perceive water, shadows, ambient occlusions and reflection of vehicles. You can change a few more attributes such as colour correction, motion blur, bloom and indirect lighting. 

Download: ENB Series

5. Retextured 3

ReTextured graphic Mod is a very important inclusion in the list. This is because you are allowed to retexture every single thing such as where you are, everything around you, the trees, landscape, cities, grass, textures, dynamic objects and the terrain you play on as well. All these features are revamped to be given a magnificent appearance. 

Download: Retextured 3

6. MapEditor

Do you want to make alterations and modifications in the map which will benefit you? You should have this GTA mod if that is what you are looking for. You can switch objects and bring them around. The standard IPL objects can be directly brought to the GTA map by following the simple process of drag, copy and paste process. This mod is not only for San Andreas but also the GTA III and Vice City instalments.

Download: Map Editor

7. ThingsTo Do In San Andreas

This mod is specifically designed in order to ‘significantly enhance the appeal, lifetime and overall gameplay of GTA: San Andreas’. It lets you change the enhancements, making additional fixes, additions and tweaks. This is why it is a chart-topper in the list of the best and Top GTA San Andreas mods.

Download: Things To Do In San Andreas

8. Double Wield All Weapons

By using this mod you can carry any two powerful weapons in both your hands. It will benefit you with extra firepower, which always helps you win. The combat control will be extensive and you will have artillery that comprises of several such weapons including the combat deathly pistols, combat shotguns, AK-47s, miniguns, desert eagles, SMGs, M4s, machine pistols, sawn-off shotguns, and pistols. This is a strong competition for those who like double the action and power.

Download: Double Wield All Weapons

9. GTA N00bmode

This mod jumps in with a whole lot of exciting features. You can gather enough money to roll out on the streets with power, put bombs in your car, form huge gangs and have the choice of slow motion. It also includes NOS, multiple or infinite players, teleportation mod, most wanted level control and save anywhere mod. A  is also a trio version is also available here, that is normal, stripped and opened up. It makes GTA N00bMode one of the best GTA San Andreas mods.

Download: GTA N00bmode

10. Ultra Realistic HD Effects

Living up to its name, this version of the GTA San Andreas mods gives HD features to the game. It adds a realistic touch to the in-game effects. These special effects are also extended to the other features of the game, including the moon, grass, flames, water, smoke, clouds, and blood. Not only these, but even the vehicles also get a transformation with the way they look, including some realistic scratches, tires, broken glass, lights and steerings.

Download: Ultra Realistic HD Effects

11. Naruto Mod

Anime lovers will love this inclusion. The Naruto Mod version of GTA San Andreas has excellent gameplay and quality with a high level of inventiveness and extensive character development. This is definitely worth a try because you will surely love the game. You can set your player level to the same as what you would normally play. This is one game that you would normally not find in the best San Andreas mods, but it is still worth a try.

Download: Naruto Mod

12. Spiderman mod

People are a huge fan of superheroes, so what better than having a Spiderman mod in GTA San Andreas? It was created by J16D. Players can zip around, fight criminals, run away from the police, hitch a ride on the helicopter and even be able to climb buildings.

Download: Spiderman Mod

30 New GTA San Andreas Mods

Although 12 mods have already been discussed in this article above, but they are not the only ones which can give you a lasting experience playing GTA San Andreas mods. Such type of mods are available in a huge quantity, and some more of them are:

  1. Multiplayer Mod
  2. Zombie Alarm
  3. Pimp My Car
  4. ENB Series
  5. Retextured 3
  6. Map Editor
  7. Things To Do In San Andreas
  8. Double Wield All Weapons
  9. GTA N00bmode
  10. Ultra Realistic HD Effects
  11. Naruto Mod
  12. Spiderman mod
  13. Surfing Mod
  14. Gravity Gun Mod
  15. First Person View Mod
  16. Cheat Menu Mod
  17. Superman Mod
  18. Tricking Mod
  19. Portal Gun Mod
  20. Visual Car Spawner
  21. Archery Mod
  22. Iron Man Mod
  23. Force Field Mod
  24. Ghost Rider Mod
  25. Carmageddon
  26. Visual Skin Selector
  27. Tsunami
  28. Ragdoll
  29. Mechanic Job
  30. Skybox Mod


GTA San Andreas is a game that allows you to take a sweet ride around a disastrous state and make the most of corruption, violence, millionaires, gangsters and drugs. If you follow the list of all the best GTA San Andreas mods and download even a few, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun.


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