10 Best Game Boosters for Android [Free Apps]

September 25

Most of us are guilty of spending the majority of our day, playing video games. But hell, nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline that the world of online gaming brings to us. All these resource-thirsty games on your Android, that you love to play all day and night, can be quenched with a good Android Game Booster app.

They shut down the unnecessary apps and tasks that are hindering the processing of your game. Nowadays, a lot of game boosters for Android are available online, to make your gaming experience a smooth, and enjoyable one.

This article will help you find out 10 Best Game Boosters for Android. So, if you are looking for Apps to boost your Pubg, Asphalt or any other gaming experience, then this article will surely help you.

Best Game Booster for Android

Just so you can match the right game booster, to your requirements, we bring to you the list of the top game boosters for Android.

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

We all know how unstable game performance can be frustrating- be it due to internet connectivity or lack of usable RAM. Systweak acts as a system manager, file explorer, battery saver, junk file cleaner and also a game booster. It frees up usable resources and RAM, to enhance your gaming experience and shuts down unnecessary windows running during your game, temporarily.

It makes only temporary changes to your device and that is why can be considered as a safe and reliable game booster. It also regularly cleans your cache, according to your requirements.

It has special features like the notification module and allows cleaning up WhatsApp media in a quick and easy manner, in addition to being a great game booster. With a good 4.6 rating on the play store, it deems to be FREE.

Download this app now from the play store.

2.  Dr. Booster

This is a smart Android game booster app that cleans up memory and RAM to allow your game to process in an efficient manner. It claims to make your games, as well as 70000+ other apps, work faster. It is apparently the – No. 1 most downloaded game booster, worldwide.

Dr. Booster is super conscious about space on your phone and therefore has introduced a new feature where it can be shifted onto the SD card, to clear more primary space. Its “Direct Boost” button, allows you to speed up your games and apps, in just one tap in the screen. It has also introduced a new anti-virus scan for new apps, in its latest update.

This really sounds like one of the best game boosters for Android and if they keep on adding such awesome features with every update, it certainly won’t be short on being the top free game booster ever!

It is available on the play store, google play and bags a 4.3 rating.

3. Swift Gamer

Real-time network monitor, one tap game boost, game network info views, data usage monitor, record game footprints, are just some of the new innovative features that this particular game booster, brings to the Android-gaming world.

It is highly recommended for high detailed graphics games as it contains many advanced features. It also has an option for cooling down your device, and optimizing its temperature to prevent over-heating.

For parents, who intend to limit the play-time for children on their phones, it contains a “child-lock” feature as well. It requires least effort from the users side on a daily basis as it can Auto-clean and Auto-manage your files.

Download now, from google play or play store.

4. Game Booster PerforMAX

Like the name suggests, Game Booster PerforMAX brings out the best in your Android devices. It helps to enjoy your gaming experience without any hindrance from the very common bottle-neck android issues like lagging, hanging, storage space.

It temporarily takes control over your android when you are in your gaming world, so that you can have the best and the most exciting experience, there ever will be!

It contains all the other features that a basic Game booster has. It enjoys a 4.3 rating on google play, which is as good as any other game booster in the markets!

Download now, click on the link.

5. Clean Master Lite

Developed by Cheetah, a very reliable and known developer. This app helps to face issues like lagging, battery draining, space issues etc. The best part being that this “lite” version of Clean Master is specially meant for phones with space less than 1 GB.

It has a great ability to speed up your games and other apps and has an effective and safe cleaning mechanism. With such a small installation package, it can do ten times the work than a regular game booster. It may not have all the features of a proper game booster, but it can be very resourceful for your android as a whole.

Download from play store or google play, now!

6. DU Speed Booster

Takes up a really small space on your device but packs up a very high package with loads of facilities and features. It cleans up cache and junk files and speeds up the games and apps, triple fold.

It is a complete Android optimizer, antivirus app, security manager- all in one. It contains a CPU cooler, which prevents overheating of your device incase you are in a heavy-duty gaming session.  A unique feature called “DU-swipe” allows you to switch quickly between apps and system settings.

Download  from the play store or google play now!

7. GameBooster

While it claims to be the “only game booster for Android that give you top speed.”, it may actually be true for a fact as this game booster, carries a 4.8 rating on the google play.

It unleashes the real performance of your Android and optimizes your device for your games with a background service, in a very efficient and effective manner.

It also optimizes memory for many other apps on your phone through its App booster facility. It has an FPS monitor to keep a track on your device performance. the reviews on the play store for this particular game booster, speak volumes as the gamer really seem to like it.

Download now! just press on the link. 

8.  Speed Booster

With a super friendly and easy to use interface, speed booster bags a 4.7 rating on google play. It cleans up space and RAM, exterminates buggy apps, hibernates some apps when not in use, to save power and optimize battery usage, has a CPU cooler and boosts your gaming experience to another level altogether.

It requires only 2 MB space and has no deceptive animations. It is a completely free game booster application and has no ads at all.

Download now, just press on the link!

10 Free Android Game Booster Apps

So here is a final list of the best and Free Android game booster apps that we explained above.

  1. Systweak Android Cleaner
  2. Dr Booster
  3. Swift gamer
  4. Game Booster Perfor-MAX
  5. Clean Master Lite
  6. DU Speed Booster
  7. Game Booster
  8. Speed Booster

We really hope that one of these apps will surely be the right fit for your Android devices, making your gaming experience a more memorable and exciting one.

Now, that we are all set, let’s get our heads back in the game and kill some more enemies, win some more races and crush some more candies!


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