10 Best Free VPN for Android to use in 2020

April 14, 2020

Are your browsing Internet on pubic Wi-Fi? If yes, then you are exposed to hackers. Are you trying to access sites which are blocked in your location? If yes then you might be under the scrutiny of the government and digital police. Due to all these things we are unable to browse the Internet freely. If you too are being restricted by your ISP to access a few sites, then you need to install a VPN on your device.

Many techies are residing on these VPN services to browse the Internet without any restriction. And so we have created a list of 10 Best free VPN for Android that offers great features. So let’s get started.

What is a VPN?

So if you are hearing this term a lot but know nothing about it, then let me tell you VPN stands for a virtual private network. Basically it routes your data and encrypts it as it passes through the servers to the site you are browsing. In easy words, VPN make changes in your IP address, giving you a fake identity. It will make it seem like you are at a different location. For instance, you are a resident of The United States of America and try to connect the Internet via a UK’s VPN server the website will get the information that you are actually based in the UK.

There are a lot of advantages to using a VPN server. One of them is that you can bypass the geographical restrictions that any streaming platform has put on your region. Like, the US subscribers of Netflix enjoy more content than those who are residing in other countries. So if you connect or browse any site, say Netflix for that matter through a US VPN then you can get access to more content.

If you are using a VPN, then you can even access BBC iPlayer like popular streaming service. You can enjoy unlimited content that is available only for the users of the UK. You know what you need to do, just go online through a UK VPN server and browse the BBC iPlayer site and you will be able to start watching your movies and TV shows immediately.

Lastly, the VPN keeps your identity hidden. So whenever you are browsing the Internet you are an anonymous user. Your browsing history is hidden from everyone, even your ISP when you are using a VPN.

10 Best Free VPN for Android


TunnelBear seems like a cute name, but it’s a serious VPN service for Android devices. Owned by McAfee, this is a super simple service to use that offers you 500MB of data every month. The service is completely free and you don’t need to swipe your card for anything, no sign-ups nothing. You can search and use a VPN from any of the 22 countries like Germany, India, Australia, and the US.

Despite offering its service for free, TunnelBear follows a strict policy of no-logging and doesn’t even support any ads. And did you know that if you tweet about the provider then it offers you additional data for free for a month? You can download the app on your PC and start using it, and even invite your friends and family to sign up for the service. But if you do not use the data provided then it won’t roll over to the coming month.

Also if you need some more data, say more than 500MB, then TunnelBear offers a paid plan as well. you can upgrade to it anytime you want. You will have to pay $4.99 a month if you prepay the amount for the entire year.

Pros and Cons-

  • Supports mobile and desktop clients
  • User-friendly
  • Low data limit
  • Less setting options


So the next VPN server is Speedify which offers 2GB of data for free per month.  You can use it only on one device. Its set up is easy and you don’t need to create an account. You can easily get the app, download it and connect. After that, you can start browsing without any worry.

Speedify helps you connect to the fastest and the best VPN server on the basis of your location. Or you can even select the service according to your choice. There are a total of 37 VPN servers from these countries like Italy, Japan, Australia, US and more. It provides you with complete anonymity as it also follows the strict no-logging policy.

2GB per month doesn’t seem to be great if you are an avid user, and so if you want to upgrade then you can select one of its paid plans. The pricing starts at $9.99 a month and if you go for the three-year plan then you can get the subscription just for $2.99 a month.

Pros and Cons-

  • Performance boosting technology
  • Excellent privacy
  • Not compatible with Netflix
  • Low-level controls


The next Android VPN is a new entry to the list but it’s a committed service that works for your privacy and offers a generous amount of free data. Its 10GB bandwidth is standard which is quite commendable. You can select from the ten different server locations like Canada, Hong Kong, UK and the US. to start using these services, you just need to sign up, by creating a username and password.

Windscribe doesn’t remember your connection logs, visited sites or IP stamps, however, it do stores your username while you are connected to the server, along with the information of the VPN server and the amount of data that is being transferred. Now you might be thinking that what does it do with the information? It actually erases it within three minutes of the session. Just like Speedify, you can earn 5GB extra data if you tweet about the software. Also, if you invite a friend and they also sign up for the provider, then you get another 1GB data-free.

If you like the services then you can always upgrade to their paid plans. Lastly, its built-in firewall and ad-blocker is an added advantage.

Pros and Cons-

  • 10GB free data
  • Sterling privacy
  • Inconsistent speed

ProtonVPN Free

Another free VPN provider for Android is ProtonVPN which comes with strong features. One of the commendable points to note is that it doesn’t enforce any bandwidth restrictions. So you are free to use unlimited data every month. But then what makes the users go to its paid plan? One basic limitation is that it limits your use to only one device and three locations. Also if you are a free user then you will get low speed as compared to paying subscribers. Another limitation of ProtonVPN free service is that it doesn’t offer P2P support.

But I guess one can live with these small restrictions and if you can then this is one of the best providers. Its no-logging promise and sign-up with email address are impressive. There are no ads on the website and so you can enjoy easy and hassle-free surfing.

The server has pretty solid performance on all range of platforms- Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The speed might drop for you when the paying users are online as they get priority. These are called the peak times which tempt you to upgrade to the paid plan.

Pros and Cons-

  • Unlimited data bandwidth per month
  • Impressive privacy policy
  • Three locations limit
  • One device limit
  • No P2P support

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another premium VPN service that offers 500MB free data per day. Yeah, you read that right. This is more than enough for people who browse limitedly, check their emails and stream not more than 3 minutes in standard definition. And the best part is that you don’t need to give any card details while signing up for their service.

Hotspot Shield also follows the no-login policy while working with 256-bit encryption. You will be interrupted with ads in the free version and is limited to only two server locations. The connection seems to be reliable but slow. And so you might experience some buffering as well.

You can upgrade and enjoy the premium services with unlimited data, along with access to more than 3200 servers across 70 countries. It offers a 7-day trial wherein you can test the premium features and if you don’t like it, your money will be returned within 45-days.

Pros and Cons-

  • 3200+ servers
  • 500MB free data
  • Fiddly Setup
  • Slow performance

Nord VPN

This next VPN for Android is one of the most popular names and I’m sure you would have definitely heard of it. NordVPN is an ideal premium service that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. And so you can always try it and see if it suits you.

With Nord VPN you can operate over 5600 servers present across 60 countries and more. It offers unlimited streaming along with P2P support. And if Netflix or Hulu like sites are restricted in your area, then with this server you can actually bypass all restrictions. It can even unblock the internationals application available on the Google Play Store.

One of the major advantages of using NordVPN is that you can use it simultaneously on six different devices.  It uses 256-bit encryption; DNS leak protection and a kill switch. It also follows a strict no-logs policy.

Pros and Cons-

  • Optimized servers can unblock Netflix
  • 5600+ servers
  • Money-back guarantee within 30-days


Another VPN provider that offers both free and paid services to its users is Hide.me. It offers about 2GB of free data every month. However, you can connect only one device max, with connection to only three server locations i.e., Canada Singapore and Netherlands. But if you subscribe to their plan you can enjoy about 30 server locations.

Unlike others, it doesn’t prioritize its paying customer over the free users and throttles their speed. On the other hand, it also promises to keep no user data no logs and doesn’t pass the information to any third-party for profit. Also, there are no advertisements.

The native software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. And in case you are stuck somewhere, you can take help from its 24/7 technical support. It has shown great performance in testing with impressive privacy of its user’s data.

Pros and Cons-

  • No advertisements
  • Strong Privacy
  • No Speed throttling
  • Only three server locations
  • Limited to one device


PrivateTunnel is another VPN provider that is available for various platforms like Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. But just like the other free VPN package it also offers limited service to the free users as compared to the paid subscriptions. In terms of free data, Private Tunnel rather than giving you a monthly package, it offers non-expiring data of 200MB that you can use as and when you want.

And after your 200MB data gets over, you can purchase the bundle of 20GB or 100GB data. You can further opt for their yearly package at the price of $30 and enjoy unlimited data. PrivateTunnel works quite well but at times the connection can get a little temperamental. Even its setup is easy and so you can surely give it a try.

Pros and Cons-

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Wide range of clients
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Limited location choice


So the next VPN provider is Kaspersky which works like a charm. It is a popular name amongst the youth which offers a number of server locations to its users. But if you are using a free plan then you cannot choose the server of your choice. Kaspersky will select one server for you automatically. It’s an easy to use app, that you can start using to browse the Internet anonymously. It doesn’t ask you for your account details or email Id while signing up. So with a single tap, you can get started.

There are some limitations as well. You only get 200MB data and if you have My Kaspersky account then you can enjoy 300MB of free data, i.e., 6GB per month. It’s still a good amount provided you are not a power user. Unlike other providers, it doesn’t provide any offer to the users for getting additional free data.

Pros and Cons-

  • No logging policy
  • 200-300MB data/day
  • No server selection


The last in our list of best VPN for Android is a Canadian-based service provider by the name SurfEasy. It is an integrated VPN with Opera as it comes from the same organization as that of the web browser. It offers both free and paid services, and the best part is that the amount of devices is not restricted for free users only. So if you are a paid customer or a free user, you can hook up to five devices.

Also, you can connect to more than 1000 servers across 25 countries. The software comes with a user-friendly interface, compatible with Windows and well as Android platform. Known to deliver solid performance, the speed can be a little sluggish in case of connection to remote servers.

Another main restriction is that you get only 500MB data per month. But in case you are using Opera in combination with this VPN then you get to enjoy unlimited data.

Pros and Cons-

  • Connection to five devices
  • User-friendly
  • Slow performance for remote server
  • 500MB data/month

Wrapping Up

Secure, free and fast VPN service providers are hard to find. But we hope that our list of 10 best free VPN for Android will help you select the right VPN for your device. Go ahead and choose a premium service and let us know your thoughts about the same in the comment section.


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