15 Best Family Simulation Games [Online and Offline]

January 13

Wouldn’t it be perfect, to live two lives at the same time? One, being the real one, while the other being an immensely realistic but virtual one? Here, you can control everything (well, almost) that happens to you and around you.

What is the point of family simulation games? Having a perfect family, dealing with issues that normal families do on day to day basis, and using your creativity and problem-solving skills to keep your family, a happy and satisfied one.

Sounds like great fun, right? Well, it most definitely is!

Best Family Simulation Games Just for You

For those who are new to the world of simulation games, or those who need a break from the ones that they are currently playing, we bring you the list of Best Family Simulation Games.

Start scrolling down, and click on the links to visit the ones, you feel are going to be the most interesting!

1. The Sims Freeplay

Ofcourse, The Sims has to be the very first on the list of contenders for  Best family simulation games. It was developed by Maxis and the Sims studio and published by the very popular, “Electronic Arts.”

This game is highly detailed and will require all your attention and that is why it is actually the best family simulation game. . You have to create your own characters, called “Sims”, design their homes, make them fall in love, live together, get married, have babies and grow them up from the very roots!

Its a super long process, but that’s what life is! So if you want a hands on experience about life in just a few hours, then GO AHEAD-


2. Sims 2

Number 2 on the Best family simulation games is the Sims 2, from the same sims family as number 1. Another, sequel to the best selling family simulation computer game- The Sims, developed in 2004, because the people loved the first one! Though the game has the same concept as before, creating sims and leading their lives. The major drawback of Sims is the lack of direction and goals in the game.

It is an open ended and an open minded game, the outcomes of your decisions will decide the moods and life of the Sims you create. So be gentle guys! Show a little (or a lot of) love and make best of  this amazing family simulation game.


3. Sims 4

 As the numbers next to “Sims”, increases, the better the graphics and the detailed appearance of the Sims gets! In these versions, you will find more things to do, new building structures, new activities to do and new looks to discover! The way it is updating on such a frequent basis, it will definitely one day make it to the top of the Best Family Simulation games.

Make communities, create relationships, build houses, decorate rooms, do everything that you can do in a basic family simulation game, but with much better graphics !!

Experience the detailed and vibrant new worlds in Sims 4. I promise, you definitely won’t be disappointed in these games, because this is as real as any Family simulation game gets!

The full versions of these games aren’t really free, but the packages of these games are extremely affordable. Have a try, just click the link below to know more


4. Virtual Villagers

This might just be the Best Unique and out of the box Family Simulation game that I have come across.

We all know what city life feels like. The urban lifestyle, is well acquainted to us, but have you ever imagined how it would be to live in a village? have you ever thought how it would be like, if you lived in huts and did farming for a living?

If you haven’t, then this is the time! Experience the village lifestyle with this amazing family simulation game. The concept of this game is introduced with a story about The Island Of Isola, which is home to the refugees of another island, that was destroyed in a volcanic eruption. They start from scratch and set up a village to earn a living and fill their stomachs.

Use your problem solving skills and creativity to help these refugees live a standard life. The game has several versions and sequels, but the first one is Virtual villagers- A New Home. They have several other Family Simulation Games that you would love too. They just get better with sequels.

The graphics are a bit of a disappointment, if you have played games like Sims before. But the concept and experience makes up for it!


5. Virtual Families


The concept of this game, is a little out of the blue. Players have to “adopt” a character in this Family Simulation Game, who they later place into homes and then the whole process beings- dating, marrying, kids, schooling and so on!

The game has been made very similar to Sims, but sadly the graphics aren’t that good. Player has to take care of the family members and the character they have adopted. Make sure, they are well fed and happy!

If not the best, this family simulation is really one of the good ones!


6. Fox Family Simulator

Wonder why this made it to the Best Family Simulation Games list?

We all know how a normal human family is taken care of and grown. But you know whats more fun? Growing up in a fox family!

You have to be a brave fox, who protects his family. Keep them safe and well fed. Lots of hassles are going to come your way, but you have to learn how to overcome them and reach the end of the game, unharmed and victorious!

The graphics are moderately appreciable but the simple game-play and interface is what you will definitely like in this amazing family Simulator.


7. Alter-Ego

A very different but the most unique and Best family simulation game. This is a text-based interactive fiction, where you get to choose what happens next from some really extreme options, the cross-roads that a person actually face in his/her life!

This game starts at birth and ends at death, this life simulation game covers everything! The way you answer, decides your fate- whether you will be confident or happy, single or married, kids or no kids, pauper or billionaire? And not just these big decisions, but also small ones like, will you have date to the senior prom or not.

Sounds crazy right? So why not get your hands on this Family Simulation Game right now?


8. Animal Crossing

Developed by the best, Nintendo, one would obviously expect a lot from this Family Simulation Game. The player has to make a character, which moves into a village full of animals, who really have a lot of human characteristics.

The game involves interaction between your character and the villagers, making friends, getting a house, feeding yourself and eventually being happy. The game is an open ended one, thus there is no goal as such. Its laid back, and fun to play when you just want to relax a little and interact with cute little animals.

It is a happy little imaginary world that you can control. That is exactly why Animal Crossing has made it to the list for the Best Family Simulation Games.


9. IAmFam

This Family simulation game, is a lot of fun and very enjoyable. It allows you to construct a beautiful house, decorate it with whatever you can afford, get into relationships, get married, raise children and also get pets!

Keep your family contended and happy by giving them a bath when needed, feeding them when its time and make them sleep on time!

Its a whole life experience in just a game! The graphics aren’t that bad either! It is all over a great experience an that is why it is one of the Best Family Simulation games.

Visit Now

10. 3rd World Farmer

Now this one, is unique and business-related Family Simulation Game . Your character is a farmer, seeking to improve your farms and increase your business, to provide for his family.  You have to sow, grow, harvest and reap the benefits from your fields, but at the same time, you have to take care of your family, have children.

You can also purchase livestock for your farm- like pigs, hens, cattle etc. The game play is exciting and easy, the graphics are really good too. There has to be something special about this game because it made its way to the Best Family Simulation games list, right?

It is like a perfect mix of the very famous “Farmville” and Sims.

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So let me sum it all up for you! Find below the final list of the best family simulation games-

  1. Sims Freeplay
  2. Sims 2
  3.  Sims 4
  4. Virtual Villagers
  5. Virtual families
  6. Fox Family Simulator
  7. Alter-ego
  8. Animal Crossing
  9. IAMFam
  10. 3Rd World Farmer
  11. Life Quest
  12. Kudos
  13. Habbo
  14. The Sims Life Stories
  15. Socio-Town

So, those were some of the best Family simulation games, I could find over the internet. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for, after going through these games and their brief overviews. Just click on the links above and start living the life you have always wanted to, with these super fun Family Simulation Games, NOW!


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