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June 2

Indian Education is the largest and most intricate network in the world. It is home to millions of primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Having said that there are certain issues that need immediate attention. The Indian education system needs a technological revolution at this time, and the EdTech startups are working towards it.

They are the face of the changing and evolving education system of the country. The Edu-Tech Startups in India focus on building the right skills apart from the usual school and college learning. They are offering skill training to kids at the primary level, college students as well as professionals to be able to contribute to the tech economy.

And the best part is that the people, especially the parents are accepting this changing trend from the traditional teaching system. There are numerous EdTech startups in India stressing different pain points like online courses, training to career advice.

So let us have a look at the 11 best Edu-Tech Startups in India that are working to bring the disruption the country has potential for.

11 Best Edu-Tech Startups in India

Edu-Tech Startups in India have engaging and innovative ways to teach the students. Their services are available for every phase of their learning journey, from online classes, various subject courses, career advice, and preparations for competitive exams and higher studies.


One of the most talked-about and popular learning apps is BYJU’s. BYJU’s Classes provide world-class content for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, UPSC, CAT, GRE, GMAT along with Engineering and Medical fields. It also offers supplement courses for classes from 6th to 12th.  On this platform, you will also find some tablet classes and online courses with multi-tests and solutions to the assignments. These tests and assignments are followed by in-depth and analysis and personal feedback.

Founded in 2011, by Byju Raveendran, this Edu-Tech startup in Bangalore, India has more than 15 million registered users with about 85% renewal rate. BYJUs has won various accolades like Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award and CRISIL Emerging India Award. It has now become a household name and so for the ease of people its Android and iOS version is available.

Year of Founding: 2011
Education Niche: School and Competetive Online Education

CEO: Byju Raveendran
Website: BYJU’s


Another online Edu-Tech startup is UpGrad. As the Edtech space was evolving, UpGrad was launched by the media mogul Ronnie Screwvala along with Mayank Kumar, Ravijot Chugh, and Phalgum Komapalli. In 2015, UpGrad came into the market with its well-designed courses for the professionals to provide them with an immersive learning experience and the latest technology.

As the name suggests UpGrad is mostly about the upgrade of skills and so it focuses on professionals who aim to expertise in a particular field. It covers diverse areas from digital marketing to entrepreneurship. Its industry-relevant programs and engaging learning environment is something to look forward to. And so you can get your specialization in any field you like.

Year of Founding: 2015
Education Niche: Upskill Online Learning

CEO: Mayank Kumar
Website: UpGrad


Unacademy is an e-learning startup that was initially a YouTube channel and now has become one of the leading Edu-Tech startups in India. Over 3 million students are connected to this platform that hosts more than 2400 courses online. While most of these courses are offered for free, you might need to pay a certain amount if you want to get the certification.

Founded by Heemash Singh, along with Gaurav Munjal and Sachin Gupta, Unacademy in 2015 established as a startup in Bangalore from being just an online channel. It has tied up with experienced teachers to guide the students in different fields like Pre-Medical, CAT, CLAT, CA, UPSC, Banking, CAPF, JEE, and more.  One of the features that make it stand out from its contemporaries is that it offers video tutorials in different languages. You can check out the various subscription plans on their website.

Year of Founding: 2014
Education Niche: Online Competetive Exam Preparation

CEO: Gaurav Munjal
Website: Unacademy


HelloSkills is one of the most promising startups in the Indian Edu-Tech sector. They have a unique approach to teaching skills by primarily collaborating with colleges offering bachelor’s degrees. They work by going to these colleges and conducting intensive workshops on high in-demand and new-age skills to students. This helps in making sure the problem of irrelevant education is solved at a grass-root level.

Their workshops are conducted by experienced professionals who have a knack for teaching and helping students. These workshops are a combination of offline as well as online modes, although there is more offline training than online. They also have a very practical approach to teaching by making sure less than 30% of the class time is spent in theory. The classes majorly consist of practical sessions as well as learning concepts via examples and case studies.

The HelloSkills workshops also come with certain bonus opportunities for students. The HelloSkills community gives an opportunity for students to be in touch with other members across the country. They can participate in various events, challenges, competitions, and quizzes. HelloSkills also provides free access to their personality app that gives a detailed analysis of all the enrolled students.

Year of Founding: 2020
Education Niche: Collaborative Education – College Upskill

CEO: Ayush Verma
Website: HelloSkills


Meritnation is a Delhi-based, Edu-Tech Startup that has eventually become popular for online education. Founded in 2008 by Pavan Chauhan, you can rely on this website for getting content from classes 1st to 12th curriculum. It includes content for every leading state board along with CBSE and ICSE.

You get study material, proficiency tests and Olympiad sets at Meritnation. It gives its users a complete social network experience and with its strong tracking you also get your progress along with analytical data reports and personalized recommendations. So you can know your strengths and improvement areas. Meritnation is a part of the Applect Learning System it also runs six different offline franchises.

Year of Founding: 2008
Education Niche: School Education

CEO: Pavan Chauhan
Website: Meritnation 


Whether it is your regular school examination or a competitive exam, you can now prepare for all these assessments better with Toppr. It is an amazing platform for K-5 to K-12 students as it focuses mainly on the school syllabus along with the preparation guiding for NEET, JEEE, UPSC, and SAT like entrance exams. Its structured courses include interactive video lectures covering every topic, practice question sets, all-India test series, and professional doubt clearing sessions.

In 2013 Zishaan Hayath founded Toppr. Headquartered in Mumbai, this leading EdTech company works with a vision to personalize education for the students effectively. Yes, it caters to the need of every individual student, identifying their learning style and providing them with videos for various board examinations, scholarship tests, and Olympiads. It is one of the best after-school learning app for test preparation.

Year of Founding: 2013
Education Niche: Personalised School Education

CEO: Zishaan Hayath
Website: Toppr


For online certification programs, you can start with SimpliLearn. Headquartered in San Francisco, SimpliLearn provides professional courses covering various fields like cloud computing, cyber security, data science, digital marketing, and project management. It 2009, it initially started as a project management blog providing professional training and certifications.

Eventually, it started giving online and classroom training along with exam practice tests in multiple categories ranging from IT service and security management, finance management, and more. With over 200K successfully trained students and its presence in 150 plus countries, SimpliLearn is catching up with the EdTech era.

Year of Founding: 2009
Education Niche: Online Certification

CEO: Krishna Kumar
Website: SimpliLearn


For students in classes higher than the 6th standard, the best online tutoring platform is Vedantu. Founded in 2011, it offers two-way online tutoring, interaction via whiteboard, audio, and video feature. It has certified tutors from IIT Roorkee, IIT Bombay, and BITS Pilani. The pricing plans are also different depending upon the hours and months of subscription.

Vedantu uses a real-time virtual environment for learning called WAVE. As a student, you can browse different topics, discover and choose what you want to learn. This online tutoring platform covers curricula valid throughout the country from CBSE to ICSE. Vedantu too has a bundle of accolades in its name.

Year of Founding: 2011
Education Niche: Online Tutoring

CEO: Vamsi Krishna
Website: Vedantu

Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is another well-known Edu-Tech startup in India. It is a platform where you can gain knowledge in diverse fields like Analytics and Financial Services. This is a professional education institute that bridges the gap between academia and industry with its endorsed and certified courses.

Founded by, the headquarters are situated in Mumbai. You can get certified for various courses like Business Analytics, Financial Services, or Business Analytics and Wealth Management like online and classroom programs. It has dedicated centers that pan all over India like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Mumbai. With Imarticus Learning you can get in touch with world-class professionals having expertise in the domain.

Year of Founding: 2012
Education Niche: Professional Education

CEO: Nikhil Barshikar
Website: Imarticus Learning


The last interactive and well-known teaching platform that is known in the Edu-Tech market is Quizizz. Here you can conduct formative assessments at your own pace. The tests are conducted in an interactive and engaging style for students from different fields and classes. You can operate the Quizizz website on your smartphone, tablet, Pc, or laptop using any browser.

On this platform, the game-design elements combine to give the students a new twist. The homework and tests become self-paced and get instant feedback with mastery. While teachers can present their own content, the students get a chance to pick their educator and engage with them through any device. There are about 20 million learners connected with Quizizz providing solutions to the students struggling.

Year of Founding: 2015
Education Niche: School Interactive Learning

CEO: Ankit Gupta
Website: Quizizz

Wrapping Up

These were the top Edu-Tech startups in India. While the existing education system is top-notch there are still chances of improvement. EdTech companies are a step towards expansion and upgrade of Indian education. If you have had any online learning experience before then share it with us.


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