AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI: The Easiest and Most Powerful Solution to Enhance the Visual Appearance of Your Videos!

December 15, 2022

Visual enhancements have been very prominent and growing in the world of social media in recent years. More and more people depend on social media, both as a means of self-actualization and as a means of promotion. Video plays an important role in any promotion, and to make quality videos, a set of video editing software is needed, especially those powered by AI technology. Various video editing tools have been created, but only a few stand out. One of them is AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI. This is a video editing software or video upscaler focused on enhancing visuals, and in this article, we are going to talk about this great tool!

AVCLabs Video Enhancer focus

The focus of this video upscaler tool is to naturally enhance the visual appearance of the video. As the name implies, this tool is powered by AI technology.

It’s very sophisticated

Yes, it is very sophisticated because it is powered by AI technology. Note, AI technology is the trend of the future. With AI technology, AVCLabs Video Enhancer is able to increase video resolution (almost any video) to 4K level and simultaneously improve colors and reduce annoying noise.

Full of features

AVCLabs Video Enhancer is packed with professional features, such as output upscaling to 4K, frame-by-frame video analysis, and custom resolution scaling. It doesn’t matter what your goal is; create interesting hangout videos, unforgettable selfie videos, inspirational videos, or unforgettable promotional videos. This tool is indispensable software.


Although AVCLabs Video Enhancer is a sophisticated video upscaler, it is very simple in the sense that anyone can operate it without difficulty. The following are the salient features of this video upscaler:

Simple and intuitive interface

AVCLabs Video Enhancer is an easy-to-use video upscaler thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. The interface uses a straightforward layout platform that makes it easy for every user to apply the necessary adjustments. And not only that, they can see the output display when editing a video. You can’t find anything more fun than this! A preview video player is provided to let users preview the effects that will occur in the output video. This way, they can catch any errors as early as possible and fix them before the output video is actually released.

Simple working pattern

Even if you’re lazy enough to edit everything, you just have to select the input video, choose the AI model you need, and choose the output video format. Very simple and easy! You don’t need the experience to run this video upscaler properly.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI supports multiple formats

One of the characteristics of AVCLabs Video Enhancer is that the video upscaler is highly adaptive. You can use any input format and expect any output format, and you are unlikely to be disappointed! All popular formats, like AVI, 3GP, MTS, MOV, etc., are supported.

Four attractive built-in AI models

There are four built-in AI models provided by AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI. They are Denoise, Face Refinement, Upscale, and AI Face Blur. Each enhances the visual appearance of the video in its own way. 

Ability to trim videos

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI allows users to select only the moments they like in videos. That way, you won’t have any trouble finding the right point in your footage. Cutting and editing bad moments can be done easily. Then you can use Zoom In/Out to preview the video enhancement effect you have added.

Ability to enhance videos

By making some adjustments to your video, you can enhance your video. Many adjustments can be made, such as saturation, brightness, and contrast.

GPU and CPU customization feature

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI also provides features for GPU and CPU-based adjustments. What this means is that you can adjust GPU and CPU usage based on video format and resolution. The effect is an increase in a more detailed visual display. The more detailed the visual enhancements you make, the better your output video will be.

Now you know the important features provided by AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI. Now is the time for you to find out what you need to run this software. Broadly speaking, you can run this tool on both Windows and Mac computers. The minimum RAM you need is 8 GB, and the minimum graphics card memory you must have is 2 GB. Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 10 (64bit), Windows 11, macOS 10.15, and later versions support this software.

3 versions of the subscription plan provided by AVC Labs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI, like any quality software, is not free. You need a subscription, and you can choose from a Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, and Lifetime Subscription. If you don’t edit videos very often, then a Monthly Subscription and a Yearly Subscription can be considered, but if your job requires you to edit videos regularly, a Lifetime Subscription is the most realistic option. Here are the details of the costs:

  • Monthly Subscription: $39.99 per month.
  • Annual Subscription: $119.95 per year.
  • Lifetime Subscription: $299.90.

For us, a Lifetime Subscription is a better option as it is only about 3 times as much as an Annual Subscription. We assume you will always need to edit your videos, and a 3-year subscription, which costs the same as a lifetime subscription, certainly won’t be enough. Come on. You definitely won’t stop editing videos after 3 years, right? $299.90 for life is a hell of a deal for everyone!


AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a very sophisticated video upscaler because it supports the automation of the editing process based on AI technology. The subscription fee is quite affordable for most people in the United States, and certainly, considering the price, this tool is definitely worth considering, both for those who edit videos occasionally and who edit videos regularly. Hopefully, this article provides useful information. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!


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