Audi Car Maintenance And Extended Warranty: All You Need To Know

The technical foundation of Audi was laid back in 1885 by Wanderer, but its first car launched into the market in 1910. The first model was Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton. Today, this company ranks among the best-selling luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. It has a fascinating, evolutionary journey. Audi is a top-tier company in car manufacturing, motorcycle, engine production, and motor racing domains. The present lineup of Audi comprises extremely competent vehicles, like its A4 sedan and Q7 SUV possess uniformly ideal qualities. The reviews are the same for its sportier and even more powerful S-line and RS variants like 444-hp RS5 Sportback four-door coupe and the R8 supercar.

Now, Audi has introduced mild-hybrid power trains and is selling one ultimate electric vehicle, the e-Tron.

It is essential to get an extended warranty period for the proper maintenance of an Audi car. So, here is all about the extended warranty of an Audi car that you must know!

What is an Extended Warranty?

The vehicle’s factory warranty has a particular duration after which it expires. That is why the users may want to lengthen the vehicle’s coverage with an extended warranty, known as a vehicle service contract. This contract varies from company to company. The Vehicle Service contract offered by Audi is known as Vehicle Service Protection (VSP), and it encompasses three types of plans. These plans become active upon the expiry of a bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranty on a new Audi vehicle.

The objective of Audi’s VSP is to prevent the vehicle owners from the expenses of unexpected repairs. The plan offers coverage features related to mechanical maintenance involving parts and labor.

The Vehicle Service Protection plan is considered and opted by vehicle owners to avoid expensive repairs and maintenance. However, each plan is available at a different price and with unique features, but the goal is the same!

Let’s Dig-in to Audi Extended Warranty

The Audi extended warranty strives to give more comprehensive service and repairs compared to the vehicle’s standard bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty. In particular, it covers the expenses of mechanical maintenance, including parts and labor of up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.

The specification of this extra service is the providence of mechanical protection beyond the factory warranty. The mechanical protection is applicable on hundreds to thousands of components, depending on the plan. The best part is that these service protection plans help you get genuine Audi parts and vehicle service.

However, all Audi models are not eligible to get extended warranty coverage. Thus, the company advises its customers to contact their dealers and extract more about restrictions and limitations. The sole objective of VSP is to facilitate the maintenance and routine part replacements after the expiry of the original factory warranty.

Since the extended warranty plans encompass more features than the factory warranty, the new car owners keep looking forward to the expiry of the original factory warranty. After the expiry of the factory warranty, Audi car owners can sign up for their desired extended warranty plans. Its three main coverage protection plans are Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum, which vary in pricing and services.

Component Coverage

The component coverage offered by Audi’s Vehicle protection plans is different for each type of plan, and as stated earlier, there are three different types of VSP plans.

Powertrain Coverage

The lowest-priced protection plan that Audi offers is its Powertrain coverage. This plan covers a vehicle’s engine, transmission, transaxle or transfer case, drive axle, and different hybrid or electric components.

Gold Plan

The next in line is the Gold plan. This incorporates all the features of Powertrain coverage, and besides, it also involves front and rear suspension, climate control, fuel, electrical, and Certain hybrid or electric components’ coverage.

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Platinum Plan

The third one is the Platinum Plan that offers maximum benefits. It covers almost everything except some specific components stated by the manufacturer. This plan covers all mechanical parts in case of a mechanical failure. This does not include components listed under “Not covered” by the manufacturer.

Some exclusions are listed as follow:

  • Mechanical failures that the manufacturer warranty of the vehicle has already covered.
  • Mechanical failures caused by accident, collision, vandalism, or weather-related conditions.
  • Mechanical failures caused due to lack of maintenance or pre-existing conditions.
  • The Platinum Plan also doesn’t cover maintenance items like spark plugs and wiper blades and other items like trim pieces, upholstery, and body panels.

What are the Additional Perks of Extended Warranty?

Unlike other extended warranties that require bringing the vehicle to the dealership from which it was purchased to get the coverage, Audi enables its vehicle owners to acquire warranty repairs from any participating Audi dealership, authorized service providers, or service centers.

Its 24-hour roadside assistance plan offers a hundred dollars per occurrence package, including flat-tire assistance, battery service, fuel delivery, and lockout services. The plan also provides 100-dollar reimbursement to get the vehicle towed to the nearest Audi dealer or authorized service provider. However, if the cost goes beyond 100 dollars, the vehicle owner has to pay the remaining fee.

In case of time-consuming repairs, there is rental car reimbursement of up to 35 dollars for ten days. The extended warranty also has a trip interruption coverage feature, the value of which is 200 dollars per day for up to 5 days.

The extended warranty can be transferred to another party at a fee of $50 with different deductible options; $0, $100 “Disappearing,” $100, and $250 for each visit.

There’s an open option to cancel the VSP any time but after 30 days, but it costs 50 dollars.

Ending Notes

Of all the plans, the Platinum plan seems to be more beneficial than the others, as it encompasses minimal exclusions and coverage of numerous components. It saves you from spending too much on repair bills. However, some people don’t prefer spending on such plans, but these plans are a good investment if one looks up to quality maintenance of the Audi vehicle.


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