Attack is the Best Means of Defense to Counter Cyber Threats

August 13, 2022

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing, with small to medium businesses coming into the crosshairs of nefarious criminals. The kinds of attacks are increasing too and becoming more sophisticated. Any cyber cost to business-related search engine query reveals countless reports showing that the cost of cyberattacks is in the billions. And this doesn’t factor in reputation damage to a business that can be far worse in the long run.

This calls for a different and more aggressive approach to keeping data safe in your business or organization. One method championed by Tarlogic is to deploy threat hunting to neutralize threats to business before they become problems. Given that problems include revenue loss, higher insurance costs, reputation damage, and fewer customers and clients, many companies now use the services of a business like Tarlogic to keep their data out of the wrong hands.

The military deployed this attack and destroy practice to find and neutralize nuclear warhead-carrying submarines using hunter-killer submarines. The latter’s role is to destroy nuclear subs before they can make cities ash.

With this in mind, let’s look at the advantages of a threat-hunting approach to cybersecurity.

Advantage of Threat Hunting to Neutralize Cyber Threats

It is important to realize that when a cyber attack occurs, it isn’t noticeable straightaway in most instances. It takes 200 days for most attacks to come to light. During this time, the damage costs keep mounting and mounting.

Current thinking in the cybersecurity circles is to have a dedicated team to protect a business or organization’s data. This is how it should be, but teams that go one step further to find threats are in a better position than those who try and counter breaches after they occur. This is why:

  • Proactive vs. reactive –Neutralizing threats keeps reputation intact. It avoids litigation and insurance costs and shows that data, a valuable commodity, is something your business values. It is a great USP that should be utilized to promote the business.
  • Protecting now and in the future – The fact is that hackers and scammers evolve. They refine their techniques and use bespoke technology to try and penetrate cybersecurity defenses. By deploying a threat-hunting security team, they evolve by learning and discovering the latest techniques to counter threats.
  • Countering the unknown – The next successful cyberattack will probably be something new unleashed that has never been seen before. Only with a dedicated threat hunting team can your business hope to repel it. Like other aspects of information technology, cybersecurity moves at lightning speed, which is why it is a specialized field.
  • Analysis – A good threat hunting team analyses data flow and are very good at recognizing patterns. If this data flow becomes unusual, they can counter a breach should one occur faster and more efficiently than their non-threat hunting counterparts.

Repelling cyber attacks is a full-time professional job. If you want your business or organization to thrive, you must have a threat-hunting-focused deterrent.


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