ARKCoin Review – Gateway to International Trading

September 3, 2022

ARKCoin ‘s Key Highlights 

Account Minimum: $0.00

Fees and Commissions: $0 for stock and ETF trades/ $0.65 per contract for options trades. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Exclusive access to global markets and exchanges 
  • A wide range of trading instruments 
  • Customizable trading experience 
  • Extensive investor educational materials 
  • Reliable customer support 


  • The platforms can be intimidating to beginner traders
  • ARKCoin mobile app is still in the development stage

ARKCoin’s Top Benefits 

ARKCoin has a streamlined approach to online investing, emphasizing broader market access, a vast selection of product offerings, and customized trading experiences. The following are the top perks that give ARKCoin an upper hand in the industry. 

Broader market access

ARKCoin boasts a vast network that allows its clients access to over 100 global market centers, including automated exchanges. That ensures greater flexibility for traders and investors who may wish to spread their wealth across multiple international sectors. 

Robust investment options 

ARKCoin also supports a vast selection of trading products, including conventional asset classes, new assets, and other unique offerings. The broker’s more extensive inventory of trading instruments makes it an ideal choice for beginners, casual investors, and active traders who demand unrestricted access to diverse investment alternatives. 

Customizable trading experience 

OKCoin offers trading platforms with robust, customizable tools that allow users to personalize the trading experience to their needs and goals. You will get several technical analysis tools, research tools, and screeners to help ease the pressures of online trading. 

Rich educational resources 

Apart from the powerful trading tools, ARKCoin also offers client-focused educational materials in multiple formats. The resources cover the basics of online trading and other essentials to help you to make the most of online investing. 

Products and Markets 

ARKCoin is undoubtedly one of the best online trading platforms for traders and investors seeking unrestricted access to global markets and various investment products. The broker emphasizes a comprehensive inventory of trading instruments for short-term retail traders and long-term institutional investors. The different tradeable products on ARKCoin include. 

  • Stocks
  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • ETFs 
  • Options 
  • CFDs

Unlike most brokers that limit traders to just a few market centers, ARKCoin has a vast network that allows its clients direct access to multiple global market centers. You can trade all the above products on more than 100 markets, including electronic exchanges worldwide. 

Trading Platforms

ARKCoin currently offers two trading platforms; a desktop and a web-based. Their mobile app is still in the development stage. Nevertheless, the two trading programs provide highly customizable tools that streamline the experience for all types of traders. However, they also integrate several intuitive pre-built tools. 

ARKCoin ‘s desktop and web platforms feature various trading tools and amenities, including charting, drawing tools, multi-leg options, portfolio analysis, screeners, price alerts, calculators, trading idea generators, research, and news. You can also stage orders for late execution and define hotkeys to execute trades quickly.

The broker’s platforms also allow you to automate trades and manage orders directly from the charts. Users can also live stream data in real-time from the desktop and web platforms. Overall, ARKCoin ‘s trading platforms are for advanced traders but provide various custom functions that even beginners can easily use. 


Although ARKCoin has a relatively unique pricing schedule, its fees and margin interest rates are more competitive than most brokers. They allow zero commissions stocks and ETFs trades. Options trades attract a per contract fee of less than one dollar, which is also way below the industry average. ARKCoin also has no account transfer or closure fees, account minimums, and inactivity fees. Check their website here for a comprehensive pricing schedule. 

Who ARKCoin Is Suitable For 

ARKCoin shines with broader market access, a wide selection of product offerings, customizable trading tools, and rich educational resources. While the powerful trading tools make ARKCoin seem like a platform best suited to advanced active traders, the robust, customizable features also make navigating them easier for beginners. Overall, ARKCoin is an excellent brokerage platform for novices, passive investors, and active traders who demand exclusive access to international markets and unique investment alternatives. Nevertheless, do proper due diligence to choose the suitable investment approaches that align with your goals. 

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