Are any candidates for the position of quality manager?

October 23, 2022

If you have been a candidate for any position, you’ve seen how strict some employers might be. Often, they are looking for employees with specific experiences and qualifications. What to do if you cannot meet these features?

Surprisingly, but in modern conditions, you don’t need to have a degree in logistics to work a well-paid job at home. Well, at least Uss-Express has such an offer. This shipping company is hiring quality managers and other workers who want to work on packing jobs from home. We reviewed this employer to estimate the vacancy. Spoiler: it’s quite a good option if you want to start your career in shipping. Do you want to learn why? We determined our positive answers by considering the following factors.

Pros and cons of a remote position

There is a probability the work-from-home packing job at Uss-Express might not be suitable. Well, such things happen. To avoid them, you have to make sure you can put up with the disadvantages of a remote position and enjoy its advantages. Here they come:

Pros Cons
  • you can work part-time
  • you stay at home all the time;
  • you have access to all the necessary equipment;
  • you are paid for packing and shipping goods at home;
  • you don’t attend special courses to start working remotely.
  • shipping jobs from home might be annoying because it becomes difficult to separate your private life and your job.

Key responsibilities of a quality manager

Remote home packing jobs have become much more popular because of the pandemic. This happened to the quality manager position at Uss-Express. Even though you work remotely, you are responsible for well-defined functions. You have to execute them perfectly to provide the best customer experience and satisfy your employer’s requirements. Naturally, this is applied to the position at the Uss-Express company. As a quality control manager, you will be required to:

  • to monitor the quality of goods and inventory;
  • to check the quality of packing materials;
  • to repack the parcels if necessary;
  • to track the orders;
  • to make photos and videos of packages;
  • to write reports.

The reputation of the company – what about it?

A high salary and friendly work climate aren’t the only factors you should consider when choosing your future workplace. We recommend not neglecting the reputation of your potential employer. This feature might determine how well you will be treated as you work from home shipping packages. If you want to find a good employer with a nice reputation, you need to conduct research.

How do you find out about the reputation of the shipping company which is looking for quality manager vacancy candidates? Actually, this is much simpler than it might sound – just read the testimonials of clients and other employees who work in the same and different positions.

We did this before writing this review on the Uss-Express company. What we can say is that on the majority of review platforms, the average score of Uss-Express is not lower than 4. We studied Trustpilot, Indeed, BBB, AmbitionBox, Glassdoor, and others. We also found satisfied testimonials of people working on other packing home jobs at this company. The majority of them are optimistic. The fact that the employees mention poor career prospects doesn’t impact the reputation of this agency.

A couple of simple steps, and the position is yours!

If you are 18 or older, you have a proper place to receive and store packages, you have access to a printer, a good smartphone, and a laptop, and you are eager to start working in logistics, you’re welcome! Take a couple of simple steps, and the position of quality control manager is yours!

What steps do you take? Visit the website and go to the application page, or simply click the button above. Then, you leave your contact info and wait for the message about the job interview. Complete it and enjoy working for one of the best shipping services in 2022!


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