Apple Release 2022: What to Expect from the M2 Chip MacBookPros Releasing This Year?

March 5, 2022


Back in 2020, it was the first time Apple used its custom-developed M1 chip in its MacBook Pro 13 model. After two years now it is time for an upgraded chip, dubbed M2. Today we are here to talk about what could possibly be Apple’s launch in 2022 and what changes we can expect in them.

Launch Date And Price

Thanks to numerous leaks we can say with some reasonable substance that a new MacBook Pro 13 will appear at Apple’s Peak Performance event on March 8, 2022. According to several notable reporters, Apple will launch its new MacBook model at this event. But regarding price, it is speculated among market participants that Apple will keep the same price as the current generation MacBook Pro 13’s price at $1299. But considering inflation and rising input costs Apple might increase the price by $100 or $200 too. On a side note if you are looking forward to buying a wholesale iPhone then check out this website.

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Design Department

The MacBook Pro 13’s design feels a bit outdated when directly compared with MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16. So we can expect a lighter notch and thinner bezels on the screen and the touch bar might just be ditched. But since the MackBook Pro 13 is an entry-level device Apple might want to think about keeping its costs down. This is why some participants are speculating that Apple might retain the same design for this MacBook Pro 13 but might just incorporate the M2 chip. But there are several compelling cases for the dropping of the Touch Bar feature since it is the only device that has one. Apple has to specifically manufacture this for MacBook Pro 13. The 13′ size is incidentally just a little bit higher than the latest iPad Pro model. So in case you are looking to buy a wholesale tablet then check this out.


A chipset from 2020 cannot handle many powerful tasks unless that chipset is Apple’s M1. But still, Apple would not count on it too much since Apple devices are kept for a long time generally so it is highly likely they will launch an improved chipset. But regarding the name of the said chipset, it could be anything like M1 Pro or Max or simply M2. Since it has been two years since the launch of the Macbook Pro 13 so Apple might give their newest model a new chip. The Apple M1 chip currently has eight cores of which four have high-efficiency cores and four have high-performance cores. So some participants are expecting Apple to keep the cores the same but change the workload variation between them. Like two cores can be used for high-efficiency purposes and the remaining six could be used for handling performance duties.

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Some analysts are expecting Apple to bump up the graphics core count to ten from the current seven or eight. Technically this could mean the MacBook will render better graphics while playing games or while doing graphics-intensive work too. There is also some speculation regarding Apple using their Ultra-Wideband technology or U1 chip. What this technology does is improve a device’s spatial awareness technology and then allow it to better communicate with other U1 chip devices. For Example- airdrop is one such feature that uses this technology.

Other Rumored Features

Apple does not always change its designs but whenever they do it’s a big change. This is because it aids in keeping the repairability score high. The current generation MacBook Pro 13 supports only USB type c but speculations are ongoing that Apple might also include another USB port. But this is highly unlikely since Apple rarely changes its design.

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There is also another rumor regarding its display. Since this MacBook Pro 13 is an entry-level laptop despite its price tag the display might have some extra goodies included. There is no ProMotion or mini-led support in MackBook 13 pro but some users are expecting Apple to at least give them the mini-led display to improve battery consumption.

Several people use their MacBook by connecting it to an external display or TV. The M1 chipset could only support 1 external monitor at a time but the M1 Pro and the M1 Max chipset supports two and three external displays. So if not anything, people are expecting Apple to at least make the M2 chip available on the MacBook Pro 13 model so that people can use more than one external monitor to conduct their work.


MacBook is a premium yet affordable lineup of laptops from Apple. The MacBook Pro 13 is the cheapest MacBook pro model and is also the most anticipated among them all. However, all these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing is confirmed as of yet.


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