Apple Becomes the First $1 Trillion Global Brand, Kantar Says

June 18, 2024

Apple, a US technology company, has made a record by reaching the $1 trillion brand value becoming the first brand to do so. A recent BrandZ ranking across the world conducted by Kantar indicated that the brand value for Apple had risen by 15% from the previous year. This accomplishment allows Apple to retain the title of the most valuable brand globally for the third year consecutively in 2024.


Apple Inc.’s brand is almost synonymous with the iPhone, and the company’s brand value has now crossed $1 trillion. Google from Alphabet comes next at $753 billion and ranks second. Microsoft stands third on the list with a brand valuation of $713 billion.

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Recent features introduced by Apple

Apple has introduced new AI features which it believes will revive the demand for iPhone. They are intended to halt a sales slump resulting from an erratic spending pattern and resurgent competition from technology firms. It has a market capitalization of $3.18 trillion. Apple is just behind Microsoft at $3.22 trillion and ahead of AI chip powerhouse Nvidia at $2.97 trillion.

Factors Contributing to Apple’s Brand Value

Several factors can be attributed to the brand value of Apple which has made it so iconic and reigning in the market. It submits excellent products that are unique and relatable to customers in the market from time to time. As seen in iPhone, MacBooks, iPads, and even Apple Watch, their appearance, operational characteristics, and ease of use remain unparalleled in the market.

Apple always makes sure that all these products can easily work with each other or in other words be compatible. The simple GUI, ease of use, and uniformity across the devices help build brand loyalty to a very large extent. Messages created, such as Apple’s “Think Different” and simple branding, have not been forgotten. It simply makes them unique in being able to tell a story and elicit a response from the consumer.

Consumers have placed Apple in the reliable, secure, and prestigious category. Loyal customers trust the brand and are willing to pay a premium price for the products and services offered. Apple creates an environment where fans support the brand and embrace its products. Interactivity is encouraged through activities such as product releases and developer conferences. The steadiness of the company’s revenues, profitability, and stock appreciation also strengthen the belief in Apple’s brand value. It is even sexier than it is a trillion-dollar firm. Another factor influencing Apple’s popularity is that the company operates in numerous countries and cultures.

Rise of Nvidia

Nvidia has finally joined the top 10 most valuable brands according to Kantar. Nvidia’s brand value grew to over $200 billion from the previous year, which ranked it sixth globally. Kantar credited this to the firm’s focus on being at the heart of disruptive technology stories such as generative AI, autonomous mobility, and spatial computing.

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Methodology Used by Kantar to Calculate Brand Value

Kantar, a global leader in brand research, employs a method referred to as BrandZ to determine the value of a brand. Kantar understands that brand equity as the multiple in consumers’ minds is a game changer when it comes to the valuation of the brand. This extends the balance sheet of a firm to include intangible concepts that consumers hold regarding a particular brand.

Kantar’s annual BrandZ ratings are referred to as the ‘‘Oscar’’ of marketing effectiveness. Building up a brand helps in the management of change and handling of issues affecting the brand in the market such as competition from new entrants. Kantar’s approach measures brand value enabling such achievements to be applauded in boardrooms. This makes it possible to align stakeholders, forecast the future, and demonstrate the role of brand investment in creating enterprise value.


Apple’s trillion-dollar brand value speaks volumes on how far the firm has gone to transform the face of the global technology market and Nvidia’s brand value rise attests to the rising dominance of the AI and chip technologies. It presents the contribution of a brand in Kantar’s holistic model that integrates consumer data, insight, and financials. Apple’s brand value arises from consistently focusing on quality, fostering an emotional bond with consumers, and sound management strategies.


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