An Easy Guide on How to Track a Laptop: A Windows Guide

October 16, 2020

Nobody wants to lose a personal belonging, mainly if it contains confidential information and important files. Aside from the phone, the laptop is often lost due to misplaced, snatched, or stolen. Let’s not talk about the consequences it might bring to the owner; instead, let’s focus on the steps on how you can protect your laptop.

The security breach is one of the many concerns here. Aside from securing your laptop with your password, we highly suggest applying one of the built-in tracking features provided by Apple and Windows. These tools are quick and effortless to enable. Besides, they can offer much more reliable ways of tracing your laptop.

How to Find a Windows Laptop

Thru Windows 10, Microsoft has a program called Find My Device built-in to those laptops with that kind of OS. You can enable this tool to help you trace your missing laptop.

Step 1: Update and Security Settings

First is go to the Start menu and type the Settings. Choose the Settings option that appears on your screen. Find and select the section that has Update and Security.

Step 2: Tap the Find my Device

Go to your sidebar menu and look for the Find My Device option and click it. It will appear on the window, and find the header that indicates Find My Device:__and check the on and off mode. If it’s on the off mode status, click the Change button below to on it.

Step 3: Signing in with a Microsoft Account

Every time you want to monitor your device, you can go to the Microsoft account page and sign in all your Microsoft account details. Upon logging in, choose the section that has a label of Devices. After doing that, select the device you want to trace. On your device page, choose the Find My Device. Microsoft will provide a page with a map location of your laptop’s possible location details, such as the place and time will direct you to the last detected site.

Meanwhile, on the left side of your screen, if you tap the name of your laptop, a menu bar will appear and will show more details about your device’s last location place. Also, it will give you two choices you can select: Lock and Find. The Find section will allow you to search for your device’s current location, not just the last known site.

Bottom Line:

Losing a laptop will give you a bunch of stress to deal with. Enhance your safety features aside from protecting it with a password. With this step, it will help you trace and locate our laptop anytime and anywhere.



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