A Guide to Buying the Best Women’s Running Shoes

February 15, 2023

If you’re looking for the best women’s running shoes, you should know a few things first. The running shoes you’ll wear can affect your performance. So, focus on fit, comfort, running surface, and your running style. With the right shoes, you’ll be able to run better, farther, and safer.

1. Focus on Fit and Comfort

Pick the running shoes that best suit your needs and comfort. The wrong type of running shoes can cause injury. Ill-fitting shoes can not only hinder your running but also injure you. Check the shoes’ ankle collar, toebox, saddle, and heel counter.

Ankle Collar

The wrap at the top of the shoe opening is the ankle collar; this holds your heel down. Before you buy the shoes, check if your heel slips. Monitor how the bones on the side of your ankles feel with the padding, and see if your Achilles tendon feels comfortable with the curve at the back of your shoe.

Toe Box

The toe box is part of your shoe that surrounds your toes. Check for a wide-toe box that lets your toes spread and flex naturally. The toebox shouldn’t cramp or rub your toes and let you wiggle your toes comfortably inside.

The Saddle

The reinforced area around the instep of the shoe is the saddle. Look at how the saddle fits and holds your foot while securing no slippage.

Heel Counter

The heel counter is the semi-rigid cup inside your rear foot that cradles and supports your heel. Heel counters don’t guarantee motion control but provide support and landing stability.

2. Shoe Design

The ideal running shoes for you should not be based on aesthetics alone. Consider the shoes’ length, width, heel, and arch support. The heel of your shoe should fit snugly, not tight. Ideally, the length and width of your shoe should not squish your toes. When you’re running, your feet might swell, so you need extra space for your toes.

The arch support is divided into three categories: low, normal, and high arch. Check if you have a low, normal, or high arch. If you have a low arch, motion-control running shoes are for you to improve stability and stop your feet from moving around. Generally, if your arch is normal, stability running shoes are for you, and lastly, cushioned running shoes are best for people with a high arch.

3. Your Running Style

Consider your running style when buying shoes. Your shoe should be able to provide support through stability. So, observe your gait to pick the best shoes for you.

4. Your Running Ground

Your running shoes’ outsole is commonly made of either foam or rubber strategically placed to increase wear life, flexibility, and bounce. The materials of your shoes should give you traction and durability wherever you run.

Get The Running Shoes You Deserve!

When looking for a pair of running shoes, it’s best to consider more than just the look and price. With the right shoes for you, running can be safe and comfortable. You can save money by avoiding injuries. So, buy shoes worth your time and money!








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