A Beginner’s Guide To Picking An Online Casino Or A Sports Betting Website

September 3

Nowadays, people have different hobbies, one of which is online betting. Old-school punters remember the days when there were no gambling websites. Back then, people only had the option to visit a land-based casino or a sports betting shop. Since the two things are popular, they are available in several countries even today. However, they are not as convenient as betting online, which is why the majority of gamblers prefer to use their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Betting fans with previous iGaming experience are aware of the fact that there are different betting platforms. Those that aim to become the industry’s leaders try to include as many sections as possible. That’s why you can often come across gambling websites with a casino, a sportsbook, lotteries, virtual sports, poker clients, bingo titles, and much more.

Even though most operators fall into the category mentioned above, some platforms only focus on casino games and sports. That’s why we’ve decided to create a short guide in which we will try to point out several things that users have to take into account when choosing an online casino or sports betting brand..

Reading reviews will save you a lot of time when choosing a new iGaming site

While it is true that you can visit every gambling platform individually, users who prefer to read professional reviews usually save themselves a lot of time. For example, people who check Silentbet will see that this website has a lot of casino and sportsbook reviews that provide important information. This means that punters who go through them will have the opportunity to learn everything about a given betting brand within a couple of minutes.

Besides saving you time, professional reviews might provide you with information that you can’t find on your own. That’s because the people who write them have experience in the online gambling industry and know what to look for. So, don’t be surprised if you learn that a given online casino or a bookie uses special contact options and unique features.

If you decide not to read reviews, check each gambling platform’s license and security features

Those who don’t want to read reviews and prefer to conduct their own research have to start by checking their preferred platform’s security features and license. As you may know, every gambling website needs to have a valid license if it wants to be available within a specific jurisdiction.

Typically, every country has a regulating authority that allows a given brand to operate in the state. However, some countries are more strict than others, which is why many operators have multiple licenses. For example, the only way for an online casino or a bookie to operate within the UK is to have a permit from the UK Gambling Commission. That’s why the brands that work there are usually regulated by several authorities.

In some cases, you may have access to a given platform even if it does not have a license from the regulating authority in your country. That’s possible, thanks to the permits from Malta and Curacao. These two places are popular among iGaming websites because the licenses allow operators to be available in many countries, some of which are not in Europe.

The payment section is really important

Gamblers with no previous experience often forget to check the available payment options they can use on a given platform. Luckily, the casino and sportsbook reviews that Silentbet provides always include a chapter regarding the different deposit and withdrawal solutions. Hence, gamblers who read them will know more about the fees, processing time, and minimum requirements.

If you are one of the people who decide to read the section of the Silentbet review about the banking gateways, check whether every solution is available in your country. In some cases, online bookies and casinos provide loads of payment alternatives, such as e-wallets, popular cryptocurrencies, different debit/credit cards, vouchers, bank transfers, and more. Even though you may have many options, not all of them are available in your country. In fact, there are places where you can only avail yourself of a few alternatives, even though the bookie/casino might offer more than 30 payment methods.

Besides the fact that you need to check which things you can use to make a deposit and claim your winnings, try to learn if the minimum requirements are different in your country. Typically, casinos and bookies have a minimum deposit requirement of $10 (or currency equivalent), but there are exceptions.

Having access to a functioning customer support department is usually a sign that a given gambling operator is legit

In addition to the license and the payment section, people who want to avoid as many problems as possible while gambling need a dedicated customer support team. This is where it gets complicated because even experienced bookies and casinos don’t offer such a thing.

Since it is cheaper, some brands only have a chatbot that will give answers to popular questions. Although this might help some of you, others may have a specific question they want to ask. Needless to say, the bot won’t provide them with an answer, which means users need to find a solution elsewhere.

Those who visit Silentbet to check the reviews of bookies and casinos will come across a platform with a fully-fledged support department. Some online casinos and bookies offer things such as a live chat, email, phone number, on-site message form, and more.

Visit the casino section and the sportsbook

After you’ve done everything mentioned above, it is time to visit the sportsbook and the casino section. Punters who want to bet on sports will probably be happy with most platforms because they offer plenty of options. Some places even have things like Politics, bets on movies, and so on.

Sadly, this isn’t the case when it comes down to online casinos. Due to the fact that operators work with different software providers, some gambling sites offer way more games than others.


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