A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Solo Play

April 22, 2023

In the throes of a gratifying self-pleasure session, it can be natural to think you’re in the minority and one of the few people who masturbate regularly, getting a real kick out of the whole thing and enjoying every minute of it.

In reality, research suggests that just under 80% of all adults worldwide masturbate regularly. A figure that’s high enough in its own right but doesn’t consider those who don’t admit it.

Still, the exact figures aren’t that important. What is important is the plain and simple fact that pretty much every healthy human being masturbates. In which case, why don’t more of us make an effort to gain maximum enjoyment from solo play?

The issue is that most people learn to masturbate when they are young, in an environment where they need to get the job done as quickly and discreetly as possible. There’s little to no room for genuine enjoyment or lingering self-love, as your main priority is not getting caught.

Unfortunately, this leads to the kinds of habits that stick long-term. People continued to masturbate throughout their entire lives in the same way they did as teenagers, even though getting caught out is no longer an issue.

When you take the time to experiment with solo play, you realize just how fantastic it can be. So, next time you settle in for a little self-appreciation session with a live webcam girl, consider how each of the following could take the experience to an entirely new level:

Try a Blindfold

As bizarre as it may sound, bringing a blindfold into the mix, even on your own, can work wonders. This is because when you deny yourself one of your main senses, the remaining four become significantly more intense.

Wearing a blindfold sends the rest of your senses into overdrive – something that counts just as much when on your own as in the company of a partner. So, while it may feel a little weird at first, trying solo blindfold fun can be quite eye-opening…pun very much intended.

Go on Virtual Dates

This means broadening your horizons beyond conventional porn to check out webcam live girl sites. Rather than simply jerking off to prerecorded clips, you can participate in the action in real-time. Not to mention, interact with the performers you hook up with and tell them exactly what you want to see.

A million miles from traditional porn, this is about as close as it gets to real sex without actually being in the same room as the other person. Suffice it to say; it’s also something that can take masturbation to the kinds of levels you probably never thought possible.

Practice the Art of Edging

Edging is the art of bringing yourself right to the cusp of orgasm, only to then ease off at the last moment and rest for a minute or two. You then continue the cycle as many times as you can cope with before finally taking yourself over the edge. Edging is also something that can (and should) be enjoyed solo.

In doing so, you prime yourself for the orgasm that’ll have you screaming the whole building down. Edging takes time to master and calls for plenty of self-control, but it can nonetheless make every orgasm you have an orgasm to remember.

Invest in Toys and Gadgets

The fact that more people don’t take full advantage of today’s great market for sex toys is a shame.

Things have evolved far beyond yesteryear’s bland and mundane toys, paving the way for a whole world of male and female gadgets you must see (and experience) to believe.

A selection of toys and gadgets can transform a basic self-pleasure session into something even more satisfying than sex with a real-life partner. Toys and gadgets like these exist for one reason and one reason alone, so it simply makes sense to take full advantage of them.

Watch Yourself

Finally, research suggests that most people have at least a bit of an exhibitionist in them, at least in the sense that a sense of risk in any form can heighten the excitement of a sexual encounter.

There’s no risk involved when you watch yourself masturbate, but it nonetheless satisfies your inner voyeur in the same way.

If it’s not something you’ve done, try hosting your next personal intimacy session by a mirror. Or if the mood takes you, record yourself doing what you do to be viewed next time you get busy with yourself.


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