7 Tips on How to Make an Attractive Dating Website Design

October 24, 2021

The dating niche is both deep and wide, with many customers coming and going. As a dating service, it’s your job to retain as many people as possible until they reach their goals for romance. That is not always simple to do, though, especially when you consider the level of competition for dating sites. Like any other business, a dating website that looks and responds better to the customer will often be chosen over others. We’re here to offer you seven helpful tips on how you can make an attractive dating site that will garner customers.

1. Make Navigation Intuitive

The first way to make an attractive dating website design is by creating the best navigation elements possible. People need to know where they are on the website and how to get to the parts of the site that they desire. While a first-time user is not going to know everything about a matchmaking website, you should have obvious navigation elements such as:

  • User profile;
  • Settings;
  • Dating profile browsing:
    • Search features;
    • Filters.
  • Messages inbox;
  • “About Us” page;
  • Blog.

These portions of the website need to be clearly labeled and easy to get to by placing navigation elements on the top and bottom of the page. That way, if someone signs up for chatting websites for singles, they will know where to go if they want to develop their profile or change site settings. Also, a good dating website will make it easy for users to get right into chatting with people by directing them towards the chatrooms where they can find matches.

2. Use Clear Colors and Lots of White Space

A dating website needs to be beautiful and expert-looking to attract and retain users. If you logged into a dating service and saw that it was packed with advertisements, words, and pictures, then you would probably log out and never come back. Modern dating websites are carefully designed to create a calming atmosphere of professionality. That includes using colors that align with your brand and work with the purpose of the dating service. For example, red is a good color for risqué dating sites, while blue is associated with sites that build relationships. Also, a lot of the space on the site should be blank white, thereby highlighting the best elements of the site and drawing the eye to them.

3. Integrate Many Tools for Communication 

An attractive dating website has many different forms of communication available to users. Nobody wants to be on a website that is less useful than a chat room from the 1990s. A good dating service should allow for people to send messages with pictures and videos. Users should also obtain a means to have voice and video chat, if appropriate for the sort of dating. The number of communication tools available to people using an online dating website tends to correlate to the number of users on the dating service positively.

4. Focus on UI for Mobile 

The vast majority of people who use dating websites these days are not using them on a personal computer. Instead, they are accessing the website on their mobile devices. That means you can’t design your website solely to be used on the desktop; you would be providing most of your users with a low-quality experience. Mobile websites and apps need to have several special elements integrated into them, including:

  • sizable touchpoints;
  • easy scroll ability;
  • high loading speed on all devices;
  • an emphasis on uniformity across all platforms;
  • simple design.

Making a mobile-friendly website should always be at the forefront of your mind when building a dating site. You want your mobile and desktop sites to be very similar to each other in terms of looks and design; your mobile website just needs to be scaled to a phone and be easily accessible by clicking with one’s fingers!

5. Use Photos That Reflect Your Values

When designing any sort of website, it’s necessary to use images that captivate rather than isolate your users. You want images that are appropriate for the service and not used on any other website. You’ll also want to consider images that are:

  • the proper size;
  • clear instead of blurry at any size;
  • professional quality.

You also need to find a balance between using enough photos that your users get a good idea of what the site is about, but not too many that it slows down the loading speed of the website.

6. Focus on Fonts

You need to think about all the customers who will use your dating website and how you can best serve them. One way to aid all users is to consider the fonts that you’re using on the website. People with poor vision and older people use dating sites and read certain fonts better than others. You’ll want to focus on sans serif fonts that are not too decorative or hard to make out because of the letter designs. Arial and Helvetica are two examples of very clear fonts that older people and people with vision problems can make out with ease!

7. Create a Detailed “About Us” Page

Lastly, you should think about making an “About Us” page. People respond well to using dating services where it’s clear who is behind the design and operation of the website. You can talk about your website designers, how the site came into being and the goals of your service. Including one of these pages can help put your customers at ease as they see real faces behind the operation and not just another group of people trying to make money off of them.

Developing a dating website that is attractive enough to bring in new customers might seem like a daunting task. These seven website design elements can help you create a website with a professional, cohesive appearance that will make people feel right at home on your service. Create an unforgettable, well-branded, multifaceted website, and you will reap the rewards in terms of users and revenue.


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